Tips For Keeping Your Home Fresh This Holidays With Febreze – #12Stinks

“Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays

‘Cause no matter how far away you roam

When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze

For the holidays you can’t beat home, sweet home”

Those are some of the lyrics from one of my favorite holiday songs by Perry Como, and he’s right. There is no place like home for holidays. The Christmas holidays are one of my favorites; it’s the one time when my entire family is at home, but what that also means is that my home, which normally consists of six, suddenly increases to eight since I tend to host the Christmas holidays.

My in-laws usually visit so there’s a few more bodies at home. When you have family or friends visiting what you don’t need is a stinky house and that can happen easily when you have kids. Today with the help of Febreze and Doug E. Fresh, I want to share with you the 12 Stinks of Christmas and how you can keep your home fresh this holidays with Febreze.

I grew up listening to Doug E. Fresh, and it’s good to see him again. Living in Brooklyn, New York, hip-hop was my music of choice. Now that I’m older, I don’t listen to it quite as much, but my kids sure do, so this is something that they can all relate to. So what exactly are the 12 stinks of Christmas, and how can Febreze help you with that? Let me break it down for you!

12 Musty Stockings

I’m one for taking down my Christmas decorations on January 1st. However, I store them all in the utility room which isn’t the best smelling room in the house. That means that our stocking are musty smelling after being stored all year. To revive your musty stockings, use Febreze Fabric Refresher to eliminate lingering odors and leave behind a light, fresh holiday scent.

11 Burnt Cookies

Holidays are usually spent in the kitchen preparing holiday meals. However, the holidays is no time to be trying out that new cookie recipe that you just found on Pinterest. If you’re not an expert cook, you’ll be sure to have the occasional Pinterest fails. Using a Febreze Candle will help to eliminate any stinky, smoky odors from your kitchen.

10 Flushes per Minute

If you’re hosting for the holidays, you want to have a nice smelling bathroom. My guest bathroom is usually the main bathroom used in my house. Plug a Febreze NOTICEable in the bathroom and let the two alternating scents continuously eliminate those not-so-festive odors. Also keep a Febreze Air Effects for those number two incidents.

9 Casseroles A-Cookin’

With the kids running around, talking to your guests, you may not notice the timer on your oven until you start smelling your green bean casserole burning. Lighting a Febreze Candle before everyone starts to notice the overwhelming stench of burnt onions, and eliminate odors to keep your home continuously smelling as fresh as it looks.

8 Frying Latkes

Nothing says happy holidays like a hot plate of latkes. But once the smell of greasy potatoes makes its way from your kitchen all the way to your family room, the aroma goes from appetizing to unpleasant. Don’t stress, Febreze Air Effects helps keep odors at bay and lets you breathe happy through the holidays.

7 Diaper Bins

Have guests with babies visiting and would prefer not to smell their dirty diaper? Light a Febreze Candle to continuously eliminate odors. That way your house stays smelling fresh and clean and you won’t be offending her parents when your little one say “how can something so little smell so bad?”.

6 Boys in One Bedroom

Even if you don’t have 6 boys in one bedroom, just having boys in general usually means stinky feet, dirty laundry and a room that doesn’t smell so great. Trust me I know! Use a Febreze NOTICEable to prevent their room from smelling like the garbage dump by continuously eliminating stinks.

5 Pugs in Sweaters

Whether you have a pug, a poodle or cocker spaniels like we do, there’s no better look than your furry friend in their holiday get up. However Fido doesn’t always smell his best.  Use Febreze Fabric Refresher to instantly eliminate pet odors and leave behind a light, fresh holiday scent.

4 Impromptu Guests

Your in-laws are here and they’re early…again. Spray the house with Febreze Air Effects to instantly eliminate odors, and leave your impromptu guests wondering how you manage to keep your home smelling so fresh all season long.

3 Smelly Chairs

You have that favorite chair that you just can’t get rid of but your family thinks that you should. Plug in a Febreze NOTICEable in your living room by your chairs, if an outlet is present to eliminate odors and leave the room smelling holiday fresh.

2 Mounds of Mess

With the holidays comes lots of laundry, and with the kids home for the holidays, the guests arriving, you’re going to have mounds of laundry to sort through. Not only do you have laundry to do, but with your stinky boys, it can stink. Take the Febreze Fabric Refresher to the mound, and don’t quit until you are smelling light, fresh holiday scents instead of damp clothes.

And one family that really needs Febreze!

No matter what stink plagues your home this holiday season, know that Febreze is there to eliminate odors so you can breathe happy and focus on the joy of the season! Febreze’s full lineup of festive odor-eliminating Air Effects, Candles, NOTICEables are here to keep your home guest-ready all season long!

Let’s discuss: How do you keep your home smelling fresh? 

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