Jingles of Joy Holiday Shadow Box

My Jingles of Joy Holiday Shadow Box will surely bring joy and delight to you this holiday.

The holidays are almost here, and I’m a big fan of decorating for each and every holiday. As soon as you walk into my house, you know what season you’re in because my entryway table is always decorated to match. I have been slowly getting rid of the fall and Thanksgiving decor and introducing the Christmas ones. I just love Christmas. I love the traditional reds and greens, and I love what they mean for me. For me, it’s all about spending quality time with the family and not at all about gifts. As a matter of fact, I won’t be buying gifts this year for anyone. Instead, I’ll be giving the kids gift cards that they can use to purchase gifts for each other.

I’ve noticed that the kids don’t appreciate the gifts they receive, and I’m not about to raise ungrateful, unappreciative kids, so this year it’ll be a lot different. As for myself, I’m also doing things differently for myself. I love making my own crafts at times, and the holidays are no exception. I love making handcrafted ornaments, and I just recently got into shadow boxes. My Jingles of Joy Holiday Shadow Box is super easy to make, and most of the supplies you can pick up at your local dollar store.

Jingles of Joy Holiday Shadow Box

Supplies Needed:

Holiday Jingle Bells

Holiday Cardstock Paper (but not necessary)

Ornament of Choice (I chose a Joy I picked up at the dollar store)

Shadow Box

Glue Gun



Remove the back of your cover box and measure the holiday cardstock that you want to be shown on the inside. You want it to fit correctly in the box so that you can see the design through the glass. I originally wanted the plaid shown in my photo but decided on something darker, so my ornament sign could show up a lot better. If you don’t have cardstock, you can forgo this part of the instruction.


Glue your ornament of choice on at the top of your cardstock, or if you don’t have cardstock, you can glue it on the inside of the back of your shadow box. My dollar store had a few different words in stock, such as Joy, Peace, Noel, and I decided on Joy.


Now fill the inside of your shadow box with your jingle bells. Remember to leave some space at the top of your frame so that you can see the ornament on the inside.


Place the back of your shadow box back in place. If you’ve used the cardstock, you’ll see it in the frame like my photo below. If you didn’t use cardstock, you should be able to see the ornament you decided on above your jingle bells.

That’s it. Super easy!

I was genuinely amazed at how inexpensive this was to make, compared to how much I would actually spend if I were to buy a holiday shadow box. Save some money and make your own holiday shadow box today!

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