September 2013 Bluum Toddler Box Review

It’s time once again to review another Bluum Box. I’m not quite 20 months old as yet but I received the 20 month old toddler box.  If you don’t remember what last month’s box look like, take a quick look here

Bluum is a monthly subscription service for babies ages newborn to 3 years of age and costs $24.95 a month.

Our mail man came rather late today which is the reason why our post is up so late but mommy didn’t want you to miss out on it.

Last month’s box was themed Lets Make Friends and the theme for this month is World of Colors. I wasn’t too impressed with last month’s box so I was really looking forward to this month’s. 

 My card read this month:

Month 20: World of Colors

For young children – even babies- learning to recognize and sort shapes is an important part of their development. Puzzles can help little ones with this, since the pieces need to be recognized and sorted before they can be assembled. 

When children flip, turn, or remove pieces of the puzzle, they are learning the connection between their hands and their eyes. The eyes see the puzzle and the brain then envisions how the puzzle needs to look or what piece needs to be found and placed. Then the brain, eyes, and hands work together to find the piece, manipulate it accordingly and fit into the puzzle accurately. 

I saw the first two things in my box but I was super excited to see else was in there. 

Colors Touch and Feel Board Book by Parragon Books – $7.19

The Little Learners baby and toddler series is fun and engaging. It’s guaranteed to keep you and your baby smiling while you read together!

As everyone should know by now I love to read and I would always say it along with mommy, you’re never too young for a book. I love touch and feel books and the insides of this is really beautiful. I can’t wait to show this off to my speech therapist when she comes in on Wednesday. 

French DVD Colors and Shapes at the Park by Early Lingo – $19.99

In this French version, follow Jojo and Lulu on their adventures through the park where they discover colors and shapes. Using animated sequences and live video footage, your child will learn basic words, verbs and simple phrases in an everyday activity.

We received part 3 of this series in our Stork Stack box for September so I was really happy to get another one. I’m currently learning French and do know quite a few French words. I’m hoping that mommy can get the others if we don’t get another in any of our boxes.

Colors and Shapes Flash Cards by Carson-Dellosa – $2.99

Colors & Shapes Flash Cards will offer your little one a fun and easy way to practice their colors and shapes. The cards help reinforce colors, early geometry, and reading readiness skills with full-color illustrations.

Not sure what Bluum was thinking with this one. Although I love learning this is way over my head. This is for ages 4-7 and I’m not even 2 yet. Guess this one is going to be put away for a very long time.

Color Flap Mirror by Melissa and Doug – $8.28

The simple mechanics of the color-flap mirror reinforce concepts of cause and effect. The beautiful design and colors are also sure to please!

I love toys and luckily for Blumm I love looking at myself in the mirror. This is for ages 12m+ so I’m going to outgrow and get bored of this very soon. Mommy said she would never have chosen this for me and Melissa and Doug has way many more things that would have been suitable for my age. Mommy isn’t happy with it but I am.

Toddler Meal Bowls by Happy Family – $3.29

Happy Tot Toddler Meal Bowls are delicious, ready to eat meals for your busy toddlers (and easy on busy moms, too). Made with organic vegetables, grains, and meats, your toddler will get protein and Vitamin A which are important for their growing body.

I love Happy Family foods and I’ve had this one before. I’m not a big fan of this one but I do eat it. This would be a quick snack for me when mommy or daddy wants to give me something nutritious and good for me quickly. 

Vanilla Blueberry Fiber Bar by Luna – $1.42

Fiber just got a serious taste-lift in the form of LUNA Fiber; the fiber bar you’ll actually crave. 70% organic and available in three fruit-filled shades of delicious.

This one was for mommy but I didn’t let mommy eat this. I wanted this for myself so I grabbed it as soon as it came out of the box. I actually ate half of it before mommy got to get it. It tasted pretty ok but I threw up about 3 minutes later. Not sure if it was the bar but 70% organic isn’t good enough for me.

Bluum also included a $25 voucher for valid for any invitations, announcements or stationary which expires November 15, 2013. Mommy said we may not use this as she has no invites or announcements to make, but we may take a look at their stationary. Maybe I may want something that says “Growing Up Madison”. 

Total of our September Bluum Box was $43.16 not including the $25 voucher to Paper Culture. I love getting books so was really happy for a new one but would have preferred getting a toy more appropriate for my age. Also would have preferred actual baby flash cards as well. Lets hope Bluum gets with the program and really cater for my age next month. 

Next month’s box is going to be Brush Up and next month interestingly is National Dental Hygiene Month as well. I’m really looking forward to getting that one because I love brushing my teeth unlike my stinky brothers.  

You may use the following link and get your own Bluum Box without waiting for an invite.

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