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There are a few things that I love in this world. One of them is dressing up in fashionable toddler clothing and the other is playing with my dolls. You might remember that I recently did a post of the benefits of playing with dolls. Yes, it’s not just girls who can benefit from playing with dolls, but boys can too. They just call them a different name, Action Figures. Their action figures are just barbies made to look like boys. At least that’s what I would tell my brothers if I could get my words out right. Now while I like dressing up and looking nice, my doll didn’t have as much clothes as I did. My doll also didn’t look like me and I surely didn’t have the same clothing that she did. Well that was until now. I want to introduce to you Dollie & Me, the one stop shop for your matching fashions for you and your 18″ doll.  This is going to be a two part post because besides matching fashion, I received a sewing kit which I promise to share with you on Monday. I think it deserves it own post and you’ll see why.

Now shopping for clothing for your little ones can be expensive. Shopping for doll fashion can be even more so at times. Mommy has seen doll fashion that cost almost as much as fashion for me. Expensive is the one thing that that Dollie & Me is not. Mommy was actually very surprised at the prices and remember you’re getting the matching outfit for your doll as well. Dollie & Me is all about fashion and fun and friendship for you and your 18″ doll.

Now with prices that low Mommy was a little bit skeptical. Was the material cheap and was the workmanship shoddy? Can I tell you that it is not so? Well I guess I just did, didn’t I? The quality was excellent, at least in the two pieces that we received. We received the Sweet As Daisy Leggings Set with Matching Doll outfit and it looked just as good as it did in the photo. This is the perfect outfit for Spring. With the bright daisy flower details on the capri leggings and the daisy crocheted details on the bodice of the dress, it sure stands out and screams, SPRING IS HERE! My doll wasn’t to be excluded. Even her outfit was exceptionally made as well.

Now Dollie & Me not only provides matching fashion for when you want to go out with your doll, but they also provide matching fashion for bedtime too. Yes I’m talking about matching pajamas. Once again we were amazed at the prices for matching pajamas for me and my doll. I was sent the Dance into your Dream Two Piece Sleepwear Set with Matching Outfit and I couldn’t have been happier. If you don’t know, let me tell you a little secret. It’s a dream of mine to become a ballerina so this is my dream and I’ll be dancing.

Quality once again for both outfits were exceptional and I almost didn’t want to take it off. Both my pajama bottom and that of my doll’s came with elastic waistband making it easy for me to put on and take off. I loved that they even took the time to make the ruffles on my pants match that of my doll. They didn’t skimp on anything. It was truly matching. Everything was exactly alike.

Now when I go to bed at night I feel good knowing that my doll and me will look just alike and we can do that every day.

Now Dollie & Me just doesn’t have matching doll fashions, they also sell bedding for your little girl and they are truly adorable, and each bedding set comes with a free 18″ soft doll that is perfect for your little one. And mommies don’t have to be jealous, there are also Mommie & Me fashion as well. So whether you’re looking for that matching outfit for your doll and you for daytime or nighttime wear, look no further than Dollie & Me. They totally get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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