It's beginning to look a lot like Summer

We’ve been having exceptional weather here where I live and so to prepare for the even more lovelier weather we’ll be having this summer, mommy and I have decided to start getting ready.

Well when you hear of summer, you think of pools and the park. Well this year we’ll be bringing summer directly to our house. Mommy said that I’m now big enough to go into our big pool although she’s dreading filling up the pool with water because it takes so long to do. I have a suggestion for mommy, how about getting a smaller pool that won’t take as long?

Well since I’m now big enough for the pool I’m gonna need a new swimsuit. I had a few of them last year but I’m now bigger so they can’t fit me anymore. Mommy and I decided to look for a new one and we found it. Mommy says that this year I can also get a 2 piece and we found the perfect one from Kate Mack. Its the Kate Mack – Seaside Petals Infant & Toddler Girl’s 2 Piece Swimsuit with Flower Covered Bandeau Top in Navy/White. We loved the classic navy color and it looks as though its stripes but its actually rows of flowers on the top. Even though I’m a girl we wanted to stay away from the typical colors of pink that all little girls wear. After all I may be a little girl but I’m also a diva!

Mommy has decided as well that since she doesn’t have a lot of time to take me to the park that we would bring the park to us. We looked at numerous swing sets and finally decided on the Little Tikes Lookout Swing Set. It comes with a climbing wall, slide, lookout tower with steering wheel and swing. The swings though are big kids swing so we have to replace them with something that is more appropriate for little me, mommy and I finally chose the Little Tikes 2 in 1 Snug Secure Swing along with the Sun Safe Canopy. I’m going to enjoy this!

My Lookout Swing Set
My age appropriate swing

I can’t wait to wear and use everything that this summer is bringing for me.

This is looking to be a great summer!!

Summer I can’t wait to meet you!

Playwear by Target

Shoes by Stride Rite 

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