Stomp Rocket Review

Disclaimer: I was given the products in this post for the purpose of a review.

I was not paid in any way to write this review.

All opinions are my own.

This is another big kids review that I had nothing to do with. This blog is being slowly taken over by my brothers and although I love them I want this to be all about me. I’m selfish I know but I love when people only pay attention to me and not them. Poor little Madison. Well without further ado let me introduce you once again to my stinky brothers Mikael (8) and Kyle (12). Mommy is going to be doing this review for them. You get to hear mommy speak finally. Yay Mommy! Boo Mikael and Kyle!

We received 2 Stomp Rockets for review and for once Madison was left out in the cold. Why you ask? Stomp Rockets are made for ages 3+ and at only 19 months (almost 20) she’s still too young for something such as this. The Stomp Rocket Junior Glow is for ages 3+ (shown on the left) while the Stomp Rocket Ultra (on the right) is for ages 8+.

Kyle setting up his Stomp Rocket Ultra

Stomp Rockets require no batteries, no screws, no tools, no fuel, nothing extra but your own hands (for retrieving the rocket) and feet (for stomping) and is simple to set up. Even Mikael was able to do his on his own. The pieces are all made of plastic and the instructions are all on the box. Don’t throw the box away after taking your parts out although to be honest you don’t really need it. It’s really that simple to set up.

Mikael setting up his Stomp Rocket Jr.

The parts included are:

Launch Pad

Air hose


4 Foam Tipped Rockets (in each kit)

The only problem we found with the stomp rocket is that the stand doesn’t really stay up and sometimes tip over. You just have to play around with it a little until you find the perfect way to get it to keep standing. It is made of very good high grade plastic so I can see this lasting a long time and with two very destructive boys. 

The Stomp Rocket works out perfect for Mikael who is autistic. He has a severe speech delay but his motor skills is also lacking. He is great with his hands but not so good with feet. He seems to trip over them but I didn’t see a problem with him stomping. He actually had a lot of fun using this. He wanted to take it out the box the very first day it arrived and I had to beg him to wait. Not only were we having a lot of rain but I personally didn’t want to go outside on a dreary day to play. We finally got some sunshine and he was so excited to set up and play. 

While they’re having fun there’s also educational value to this super fun toy. It teaches scientific concepts such as : Trajectory, Projection, Force and Motion. 

I took a little video of the boys using their Stomp Rocket. Take a look. 

Now as with any toy there are a few warnings to prevent serious eye or face injury such as:

  • Do not aim at your eyes or face
  • Do not aim at persons or animals
  • Do not get in the path of or attempt to catch falling rocket.
  • Clear launch site and target area before stomping
  • Never climb anything to retrieve rocket
  • Do not modify product from original design
  • Discard broken rockets immediately

We recommend Stomp Rockets and have listed it in our Holiday Gift Guide. This will make a great gift for those hard to shop for little boys and even girls in your family. 

You can connect with Stomp Rocket via their Websitewhere there are lots of other cool toys all with educational and fun value. You also connect via Facebook and Twitter.

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