Family Summer Staycation Ideas ~ #HoJoSummer #GoHappyGoHoJo #PoolsRule

Enjoy a family summer staycation while staying at a Howard Johnson.

It’s summer vacation and you’re wondering what to do, and where to go with the family that won’t break the bank. If you have a tight budget, a family staycation may be just what you need. You get to have an amazing vacation, create lots of memories that will last a lifetime and not go bankrupt. A staycation is a vacation spent in your country without having to travel abroad, and in most cases you might not even have to go very far. You can do it in your very own state and today I have 5 great ideas on how you can have an amazing summer staycation.

1. Visit an amusement or water park

Amusement and water parks can be lots of fun, and more than likely there is one near you. Pack up the family and get in the car and visit an amusement or water park. Ride the roller coasters, go down the water slides and eat all the funnel cake you can, and make it a day to remember. For discounted tickets, you can buy your tickets online or visit your local supermarkets that may have special discounts for the parks. You may even be able to find discounts on soda bottles/cans or bags of chips.

2. Spend the night at a hotel

Staying at a hotel doesn’t have to be expensive and can actually be lots of fun. Forget about cleaning the house and preparing dinner and have someone do so for you. Spend the day at the pool and soak up the sun. Howard Johnson currently has an amazing summer offer where you stay 2+ nights and save 20% off when you book at With complimentary wifi and free breakfast what more can you ask for? At HoJo, kids also stay free and mostly all are pet-friendly so Fido can join in the family fun for the summer.

3. Visit a National or State Park

While only 27 states have a national park, each state does have a state park. Visit a national park that you’ve always wanted to visit. Spend some time with your family taking in the sights and make it a family outing that you’ll remember for years to come. If you do decide to go out of state, there are over 200 Howard Johnson locations, so get in on that summer offer.

4. Visit the pool or beach

When the weather is 90 degrees outside, what better way to cool down than a day at the pool or beach. Get your swimwear on, put on some sunscreen and pack a light lunch and head to the water. If you decided to go with our idea of staying at a hotel, one of the many Howard Johnson amenities is that most have a pool. Lounge on the lounge chair while you get your tan on, with a virgin drink in hand.

5. Do something spontaneous

Sometimes you have to be spontaneous. Everything doesn’t have to be planned to the very minute. Try a new restaurant, go in-door skydiving, go zip lining, visit a local museum or zoo. How about getting on a jet ski? If you made it to Florida, instead of visiting the most popular attractions, how about taking a ride on the swamp or visiting the gators. There is so much to do in your state or in and around the US this summer. Get outside and enjoy it!

The summer is meant for creating memories with your family and whether or not you decide to travel out of state, or stay at home, remember that your children will remember the time you spent with them. So take some time away from home and book a stay at a Howard Johnson and create those summer family memories.

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