Lalaloopsy Girls Pix E. Flutters, Bea Spells-A-Lot & Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Disclaimer: I’m a Lalaloopsy Girl SIP (Sew Important Person) and I get to share with you this brand new line.

I hope you enjoyed the first peek of the new Lalaloopsy Girls: Jewel Sparkles & Mitten’s Fluff N’ Stuff.

This week’s Lalaloopsy Girls spotlight is on:

Pix E. Flutters

Bea Spells-A-Lot

Crumbs Sugar Cookie

Expect the unexpected when the Lalaoopsy Girls attend L.A.L.A. Prep (Lalaloopsy Academy for Learning Arts). They will take magical classes, share dorm rooms, secrets and lots of laughter. No matter what happens, they will be stitched together… friends forever!


Hey! I’m Pix E. Flutters and I was sewn from a super glittery fairy’s dress.

For some reason my wings start to flutter when I get butterflies in my stomach- especially right before a POP quiz! Oh! And I LOOOOVE glitter! But not as much as I love my pet firefly who always helps me see the brighter side of things.

Made from: a Fairy’s Dress Pet: Firefly

Stitch on Date: June 24th (Fairy Day)


Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Kon-nichiwa! My name is Bea Spells-A-Lot and I was sewn from a schoolgirl’s uniform. Plus, I just got glasses, which aside from making me look super scholarly, help me read “between the lines”. *wink* I love being on top of all the news, and I can always count on my pet Owl for spreading the word by hooting and tweeting around.

Made from: a School Girl’s Uniform

Pet: Owl

Stitch on Date: October 16th (Dictionary Day)


Hello, my name is Crumbs Sugar Cookie and I was sewn from a baker’s apron. My pet mouse and I have perfected recipes that satisfy any sweet tooth! Lately, we’ve forced ourselves to get a little more, um well… creative 😉 What do think about bubblegum flavored cupcakes sprinkled with a dash of love? <3 I guess we will find out what our friends think during teatime!

Made From: a Baker’s apron

Pet: Mouse

Sewn on Date: Dec 4th (National Cookie Day)

All these amazing new Lalaloopsy Girls will be coming to a store near you very soon, so be on the lookout.

You can connect with Lalaloopsy Girls to learn more via:

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