10 Dreamy Places to Visit with Your Partner


Be it a honeymoon or just a getaway from the daily routine of a busy life, there are numerous places to visit with your partner. All you need is some planning with the help of good blogs, a horde of cash, a partner of course, and and you are just ready to take off for that dream destination!

We have listed 10 amazing and dreamy destinations here for your reference.


One of the most picturesque destinations lying in the southern Aegean Sea, Santorini is the most sought after wedding and honeymoon destinations. It is an active volcanic site, and hence the landscape has a very unique formation all packed with red, black and white sand and spectacular rock formations. The beaches are crystal clear and a wonderful retreat for newlyweds.

The culinary delights it offers is the ultimate gastronomic experience. Be ready for all that fresh goat cheese and cherry tomato salads, all part of a romantic package.


Romance seekers do not miss a chance to visit this place. You only get one honeymoon –some more than others. Your jaw will literally drop once you see this place. The mountain vistas are incredible. There are plenty of activities to indulge in. Meditate on the coastline in the calmness of the blue waters.


A place situated in the midst of the mighty Alps, do we need to introduce the tranquil and picturesque Switzerland? The best time to visit this place is from June to August when the temperature is a good 18 to 20 degrees. During this time of the year, one can witness the famous William Tell festival where the locals dress up as folklore and perform the famous Schiller’s play. Switzerland houses the most sparkling glaciers and has the most quaint villages which make life around sound like a well-known fairy tale. The trip to mount Jungfraujoch 11,000 feet above sea level, in the train atop the mountain can be a lifetime experience!

Best known for Swiss chocolate,  Switzerland offers a chocolate tour aboard the Swiss chocolate train with varieties of different mouth-watering chocolate. Also, Switzerland provides a variety of hillside cuisines which are a must try!


Lying amidst the Caribbean sea, comprising of over 700 islands, the name itself suggests a holiday atmosphere. The archipelago boasts of the most transparent water on the planet. Complete with the most delicious Latin cuisine and the most pristine beaches, it offers a most beautiful honeymoon package. There is no specific time to visit its beautiful throughout the year.


This French capital known as the lover’s paradise is actually one dream destination for many couples. It boasts of museums, the famous Eiffel Tower, the best shopping experience in a pure French style. Fall in love all over again by the Seine river and visit hand in hand,  the many cathedrals and quaint chapels that the city has to offer.


A place so serene, that it is rightly named as gods own country. The ethereal beauty lies in the vast greenery. You may even feel at some point to rest on the beautiful green grass and just admire the beauty of the land, hand in hand with your partner. Selfies can follow. Do not forget to visit the Attukad waterfalls and the Marayoor sandalwood forests. Rejuvenate in the laid back atmosphere. The best time to visit Munnar can be from October to march.


The most technologized modern city of our time. Get a glimpse of the tallest building in the world. Dubai is such a beautiful city in the world, both during the day and night. You can definitely visit for just a photograph.


Take a photo of the fountains as they fly sky high and show off to the world. As you visit the holy city, there are a few churches to help you wash away your sins, and you can also learn biblical stories and visit the places they happened.


A perfect retreat for a couple with its winding streets, romantic gondolas and historic canals. It is expensive but beautiful at the same time. It must be on the wish list of every couple owing to its gorgeous attractions. It’s a small island where you can get lost in its medieval churches, small marketplaces, and old buildings. With a glass of red wine in hand, you are sure to be lost in this wonderland.


Ever heard of this beauty lying in Melbourne, Australia? It’s famous for its amazing scented gardens and wines. You and your partner can get lost in its gardens with the perfect glass of Andre champagne. It is indeed a quaint little village with lovely landscapes, delectable cuisines, and stretchy sandy beaches. Perfect couple getaway.

Numerous places to visit, delectable cuisines to be tasted, couples can get cozy at these famous destinations listed above and get lost in its surroundings. The right information and proper planning can give you a memorable trip.

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