Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers


With parents being more mindful of what goes into their kids’ bodies these days, coming up with Easter basket fillers that aren’t pure sugar can be a lofty task. On one hand, you don’t want to be a killjoy, so you want to make sure the contents are fun. On the other hand, this isn’t Christmas, a birthday, or any other major gift-giving holiday. Whether you want to make one of your own or just add some extras to a pre-made Easter basket, here are some easy, non-candy fillers to consider:

Outside Toys, Games & Accessories

Sidewalk chalk

Jump rope


Sandbox & beach toys (shovels, castle molds, buckets, sifters, etc.)

Small, inflatable pool or pool toys





Birdhouse craft kit

Reusable water bottle

Beach towel

Indoor Fun

Art supplies (crayons, markers, watercolors, etc.)




Temporary tattoos

Mini puzzles

Sensory/Calming bottles

Kids’ film soundtracks

Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars

Simple card games (Go Fish, Old Maid, Uno, other decks of matching games)


Notebook and special pen or pencil

Jewelry-making kits

Sun-catcher kits

Shopkins (or ponies or whatever your child is into now)

Musical instruments

Magic tricks

Gag gifts, like a whoopee cushion

Books & coloring books

Toiletries, Accessories & Fashion Items

Lip balm or gloss

Sunscreen (Brightly colored or glitter sunscreen is always a hit!)

Scented hand sanitizer

Travel-sized body wash, shampoos & lotions

Hair clips & headbands


Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings

Bubble bath & bath bombs

Nail polish, remover & manicure kits

(Consider using a makeup or toiletry bag as the basket to hold all of the other items if you go with this category as a theme.)

Healthy Treats & Snacks

Chocolate chip granola bars

Fruit strips, leathers or snacks

Kettle corn or Cracker Jack

Fruit pouches & juice boxes


Individually packaged pretzels, crackers and chips

(If you have a little baker in your family, roll up a child-sized apron, a bag of brownie or muffin mix, and a brightly colored whisk.)

Use a combination of these little surprises or go with a themed basket. Know you’ll be going on a specific vacation soon? Fill the basket with little gifts appropriate for the beach, theme park, road trip, or whatever it is your family will be doing together. Take age and personality into consideration and remember, even teens like waking up on Easter morning to a basket of goodies.  Aside from healthy teeth and a kid who isn’t bouncing off the walls, the benefit of having a basket of non-candy treats is having a selection of activities to choose from on spring’s rainy and snowy days. (I’ll take any help I can get in limiting screen time for my daughter!)

Above all else, don’t feel pressure to give your children an elaborate Easter basket. Across all cultures and religions, I think we can agree this day is about more than another opportunity to spoil our kids. In fact, go ahead and stick with a combination of Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans, but perhaps add a few of the items from this list just to limit the amount of candy you’d have given in years’ past.

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