Our Family Easter Tradition – #SoWorthIt

We share how we celebrate our Easter in collaboration with JCPenney!

For as long as I can remember, Easter has always been a special day in my family. As most of you know, I grew up in the Caribbean, however, what you may not know, is that I grew up in a very religious household. My mother never missed a week of church and if she did, she made sure that we worshipped in the sanctuary of our home. Granted to say, that didn’t sit too well with me, I would have preferred to go out with my friends and have fun instead of going to church. As I got older, I went to church less and less but there were a few special occasion that you can find me there. Easter being one of them. Every Easter, I would dress up the children in their best outfit and we would go to church to celebrate what Easter meant to us. Now I know that you don’t need special outfits for church, but it’s something that I always made sure we have. After all, Easter comes right after spring cleaning, the kids have grown a few inches and I’ve even put on a few pounds after just eating my life away all winter. However, for me I know that JCPenney always has me covered in that department. Whenever I’m looking for something special to wear for any occasion, I always head to JCPenney to get my clothing fix on, because I know I can always find trendy pieces that are affordable.

Easter for us has always been about family, very much like Christmas. It’s when we all come together as one, and also the one time you’ll find us in church together. Madison is all into the Easter celebration. She is looking forward to going to church, but she’s also super excited and thinking of egg hunting and meeting the Easter Bunny. Every year she meets the Easter Bunny and gets her photo taken. So for her, I decided that I wanted an outfit that can do it all. Shopping at JCPenney has always been a decision I’ve felt comfortable with. They are my one-stop shopping destination since they offer a variety of stylish and very affordable merchandise.

It’s not just clothing! They have a broad assortment of products for your home as well, and from brands that you already know and love.

For our Easter outfits, I decided for me, to go with a white lace dress and floral shoes to make my dress pop. I also went with a bright springlike shoulder bag to compliment both the dress and the shoes.

For Madison, I went with a pink and white sleeveless dress. Her dress is light enough for spring and can make it all the way to summer. I also went with white shoes that have a little bit of sparkle and white dress “bobby socks”. I hadn’t seen “bobby socks” in forever, but I just knew that it would work well with her dress.

You can shop our Easter outfits in the links below, not only are we in love with them but they’re #SoWorthIt!

How do you celebrate and what are your family’s Easter tradition?



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