Clever Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs

Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

For many families, decorating eggs before Easter is a well-loved and long-standing tradition. There’s something familiar and fun about getting together and taking turns dipping eggs into brightly-colored dyes. However, you shouldn’t feel obligated to head to the store and grab the same egg-dying kit you’ve always used – oh no! Instead, use this as an opportunity to get creative and find a new way to decorate eggs for Easter. Thanks to the Internet and websites like Instagram and Pinterest, you can find endless amounts of inspiration – and more ideas than you can possibly sift through – with a quick search!

Not quite sure how you’d like to decorate your Easter eggs this year? Here are some smart ways you might consider:

Clever Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Transform Your Eggs into Something New!

Ditch the traditional egg dye and take a more crafty approach to your Easter eggs this year by decorating your eggs to look like something else! This fun approach to decorating eggs will let the whole family embrace their creative side. Dress ‘em up as super cute cacti, adorable chicks, or little bunny rabbits, or draw inspiration from your favorite series, like these Star Wars eggs do!

Incorporate Different Textures.

Looking for an easy way to add a new and interesting decorative element to dyed eggs? Take a mixed media approach to your Easter eggs! You can use things like puff paint and glitter glue to add an entirely new dimension to your eggs, or wrap them with a small band of lace for a more delicate look.

Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Add a Pattern

If you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your standard dyed Easter eggs, here you go! For a quick and simple way to make your eggs look better than the rest, use small pieces of tape to cover part of your egg’s surface before you put it into your dye. Once it’s dry, peel the tape off to reveal the fun pattern you’ve created. From simple stripes to more complex webs and designs, you can have lots of fun with this one.

Take an Artistic Approach.

 If you’re really on a mission to decorate some one-of-a-kind Easter eggs, consider each of your eggs as a blank canvas. Give your eggs a soft, delicate aesthetic with watercolors, or use acrylics or other more traditions means to customize each egg with its own hand-painted image.

Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Use Natural Dyes. 

Transform your egg-dying process into a science project by extracting colors from everyday foods and drinks to dye your Easter eggs. You can add a surprisingly vibrant color to your eggs using fruits, veggies, and other items you probably have in your pantry. This helpful tutorial will teach you how to transform blueberries, onions, red wine, and other items into dyes you can use to color your eggs – and clothes, if you aren’t careful!

Consider Some Sparkle and Shine.

You’ll have a hard time hiding these eggs! For a fun and flashy way to decorate your Easter eggs this year, add some glitter! Draw on your eggs with glitter puff pain or apply glue in select areas, then sprinkle on glitter, to add a design. Alternately, you can dip half – or a whole – egg into glue, then glitter for an overall sparkle effect.

Clever Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Ditch the traditional way and take a different approach to decorating Easter eggs with these suggestions!

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