Easter Brownie Bite Nests #Recipe

Can you believe that Easter is only a few days away. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t done much in terms of preparation. This week I’ve also decided to take the week off from blogging. My munchkin has been sick and guess what that means? While I’ve been busy taking care of her I also got sick so I’m trying to get well. Taking care of a sick kid is no fun at all and when you’re sick as well it’s ten times worse. I am eternally grateful for a little thing called scheduling which is how this post is being brought to you today. So this week while you’re busy buying candy for those delightful easter baskets, dyeing eggs for the kids egg hunts, how about preparing a quick and easy treat for them as well. Today I want to share with you this super easy Brownie Bite Nest recipe. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is what you’ll need:


1 box of Little Debbie Brownie Bites (contains 5 (4) ct packages of mini brownie bites)

1 tube of Wilton green frosting (located in the Wilton aisle at major retailers and craft stores)

Wilton plastic frosting tip – I used the basic tip (also located right next to the Wilton frosting products)

1 package of Cadbury Malted Easter Eggs (found easily at Walmart at this time and can be used for many Easter recipe ideas. Check out our Snack Pack Puddding Easter Bunny Garden)

2-3 Brownie Bites = 1 serving


Open all the Brownie Bites and discard the wrappers and recycle the box.

Open the green frosting tube and attach the plastic frosting tip to the end.

Gently squeeze the frosting out onto the top of each Brownie Bite. It does have to be perfect. I did circles as you can see from the photo but even the kids could help with this and have fun with it!

Place 2-3 malted eggs on top of each Brownie Bite.

That’s it! Cute and easy!

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