Meet Bluebee Pals – An Interactive Lovable Plush

I love reading books as most of you know by now. There is nothing better than reading a book that takes you to a new place. My imagination goes wild and I become so engrossed in the story. While I love reading, there isn’t always someone there to read to me. Mommy might be busy in the kitchen or daddy might be getting ready for work, as for my brothers well they would rather play than read to me although I take my books to them. Well if you’re a mom I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing BlueBee Pals. The truly bluetooth interactive lovable plush, and yes I did say bluetooth.

There are currently 5 Bluebee Pals. Leo the Lion, Lily the Lovable Lamb, Riley the Zebra, Sammy the Bear and Winston the Puppy.  I received Sammy the Bear and when my brother first saw him the first thing he said was “Is that Teddy Ruxpin?” If you’re as old as my brother is then you may remember that Teddy Ruxpin was that bear that talked. Remember him? Well Bluebee Pals are 100 times cooler than Teddy and I’ll tell you why.

Bluebee Pals not only “talks” but sings, read and can be used as a hands free phone device. His lips synchronizes while reading and singing, and the coolest thing of all is that he can be paired to your bluetooth device. That means that he can sing along or even read your favorite books from your apps. I was able to connect him to my iPad mini and mommy downloaded the app iStoryTime for me. I was able to download a free book and mommy bought a few more for me.

Now pairing Sammy to my iPad was super easy. Mommy hasn’t used Sammy with her cell phone as yet but he does come with a built in speaker and microphone which can be used for that purpose. He is also fully rechargeable and you won’t have to worry about buying batteries. He is charged with a USB charger. One thing to note is that he won’t work while charging.

Bluebee Pals makes the perfect companion. Not only are they adorable, huggable and soft, but they make story-time and game time as well even more fun. Now I don’t have to wait for anyone to read the stories to me. Sammy is always there. I love the fact that he doesn’t use disposable batteries and he automatically shuts off to conserve his battery life. I’m so very happy that he’s now my very best friend. He totally gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Here is a quick video we took of Sammy reading Madagascar:

Bluebee Pals are currently available in stores nationwide and online at ToysRUs. Grab your very own today!

Here are the ways to connect with Bluebee Pals:

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