Evenflo World Explorer Triple Fun Plus ExerSaucer #ExerSaucerExplorer

It’s not very often I get a product that I personally cannot use. When that happens I however do have a very good friend who can do my review for me. When I was younger I loved being able to walk around the room. I actually started walking at 9 months old. However since we have stairs mommy decided that having one of those walkers was not safe. So what she did was get me an ExerSaucer from Evenflo. They are a lot safer than walkers and the one I received allowed me to move around and play with the toys that were infront of me. Well Evenflo has updated their ExerSaucer with the World Explorer Triple Fun Plus currently available only at Babies R’ Us.

Stage 1

This new ExerSaucer is a 3-in-1 activity center that encourages playtime and brain time. It has 3 different stages to keep up with your growing child: 1) tummy time play mat, 2) secure bouncing seat, and 3) activity table. The ExerSaucer includes toys to help your child build motor and language skills. It does require 3AA and 7AAA batteries which are not included so be sure to have them ready.

Stage 1 or the “See and Touch” stage is for ages 0-4 months, and is where you can use the cushioned mat that is included. The toys are also with touching range for your little one.

Stage 2 or the “Move and Bounce” stage is for ages 4 – 12 months and is where you’ll use the stationary activity center.

Now while you may think that set up was difficult because it’s a 3-in-1 product it was pretty easy for mommy and her friend to do. My friend Jayden who got to use this product is 9 months old and likes the option of moving around, so her mommy decided to set up the ExerSaucer in the stage 3 option.

 Now what did Jayden love about her brand new World Explorer Triple Fun Plus Exersaucer? First of all she loved the size of the play table. It was big enough for not just her but also for her brothers and sisters to play along with her too. She is able to hold on to the play table and cruise around from side to side and most of all it is very stable. It is not easy to tip over which is something you do not want for your little one. One less thing to worry about.

She really loved the toys were attached to the activity table. One of her favorite was the story book that featured 12 moving pages, 36 fund sounds and it features four different languages. She can learn French, Mandarin, English and Spanish. What a great way to start your love of foreign languages. 

All the toys were within reach and are all age appropriate. They included the self-discovery mirror which she fell in love with. Now who doesn’t like looking at themselves in the mirror? There is also an Elephant and Penguin and Panda that makes sounds. A world globe that spins and rattles around. The toys are all interchangeable and can be removed to be cleaned. After all you don’t want your little one playing around with a dirty toy.

Jayden and her mommy is loving the Evenflo World Explorer Triple Fun Plus. They think it’s a great way for your little ones to learn through play.  I know Jayden was having fun cruising around and she couldn’t have been happier. When Jayden’s mommy decided that it was time to get something to eat, Jayden decided that she wasn’t having any of it. After all it isn’t every day you get a new toy that you love to pieces. She loves it and thinks that your little one’s will love it too. It gets Jaydens TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Here’s a short video of the Evenflo World Explorer Triple Fun Plus Exersaucer: 

You can now save 20% off the ExerSaucer (with a downloadable in-store coupon) at Babies R’ Us, between Dec 5 – 24. It’ll be the perfect Christmas gifts for the little ones in your life.

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