How to Prepare for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Whether it’s your first time being handed the buck to host Thanksgiving dinner or you have just taken it upon yourself to host this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, you can survive and walk away beaming with pride. You can do this without stressing out and you will be able to create a spectacular Thanksgiving dinner meal that has your family and friends talking for years to come!

There is some amazing first time Thanksgiving dinner menu plans already pre-built out there online for you to start creating ahead of time. The first step for this preparation to host Thanksgiving dinner would be to think about your menu plan. When determining what you will offer for a food spread to the family you will need to take into consideration items you are able to make a couple months ahead of time. The key to surviving Thanksgiving dinner is to ensure you are baking and cooking up the meal months ahead of time when possible.

Now that you have determined what you will be baking and cooking up for a meal on Thanksgiving Day, you are able to focus more on where guests will be seated. Think about having a kids table for the younger kids and a separate table for the teen kids as well as an adult only table. There’s a reason you will want to separate the age groups of kids and adults, it helps keep communication going on this fine Thanksgiving Day. The best Thanksgiving dinner event is one in which all family members unite under one roof to discuss life as they see it and catch up on all the news each missed during the last year.

Confirm your guest list about a month in advance, reach out to whom you wish to invite for this fine Thanksgiving Day dinner and be sure to give everyone a specific RSVP date so you are not stuck with extra last minute guests. Confirming the guest list about one month in advance will ensure you have the seating placements accurate, ample food and seating areas available for all guests.  Be sure to let the guests know what the menu options are and allow people to bring a dish if they offer to bring something.

Prepare for overnight guests
, if you are someone who has family arriving from long distance you may want to prepare to have a sleep over. Prepare an area for the guests who may wish to sleep over due to the long travel hours they have to arrive back home. Thinking ahead for tired guests that have far to travel is the perfect way to ensure you don’t end up with a living room full of sleeping relatives.

While you may not be able to prepare for everything that can occur on Thanksgiving Day dinner, we hope that these tips help guide you towards a stress free event this year when you host Thanksgiving dinner.

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