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By now everyone knows that my mom is very ill and today I want to dedicate this post to her with a big thank you to American Greetings. As most of you know I grew up originally in the Caribbean. I was born on the beautiful island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and had a very lovely childhood. My mom was a stay at home mom and I remember coming home from school to a nice home cooked meal ready and waiting. I only wish I could be half the woman my mom is, notice I didn’t say was because I’m hoping that I get her a little longer.

While I loved my dad, my mom was the one who was always there for me. The one who helped me with my homework, the one who took me on vacations every summer, the one who dried my tears and told me that everything would be ok. She was the one who supported me when I was down but not out and has always been my inspiration.

When my mother was diagnosed with cancer I felt like my world was falling apart. I had just lost my dad 2 years before and now I was being told that I was about to lose the only other person who meant the world to me (besides my kids). My marriage was falling apart and I immediately went into a state of depression. Know what my mother told me? She said “don’t worry about me, you have your whole life ahead of you. I lived a full life and I got to see you grow up, get married and see my grandkids. You’ll be ok”. It takes a woman of strength to see light at the end of the tunnel.

This may very well be the very last Mothers Day that I get to spend with my mother so I wanted to make it extra special. Since my mother lives in the Caribbean I’ll be sending her a bouquet of flowers but I also wanted her to have a very special card. I just happened to be in Walmart when I saw the American Greetings Best Moms Day Ever display.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I needed to get her a card and that I needed to send it as soon as possible. While I talk to my mother on a daily basis, I wanted her to have something that she could hold in her hand and read the words that I long to tell her every day. I knew that American Greetings would have that card and they didn’t disappoint me. The card above says it all. I’m really glad that she is my mom.

For all the times that you’ve been there for me. For everything that you’ve done for me. For the heartbreak that I went through and you sat there and listened to me without saying “I told you so”, for EVERYTHING that I can’t think of because my heart breaks knowing that I won’t have you forever, I want to say “I’m so glad you’re my mom” and I want to make this the Best Moms Day Ever. I’ll always love you!

This is the last picture I got of my mom before we left her at the beginning of 2015 and while I know it may be my last of us together, the values she taught me will live on with me and my kids forever.

This Mothers Day Make it the Best Moms Day Ever with American Greetings. Be sure to check out the one stop shop at your local Walmart where you can find the perfect card and gifts for your own mom. American Greetings also wants to offer this fabulous giveaway where you can win $4,000 in gift cards. Just enter below!

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So tell me? How will you make it the best day ever this year for your own mom? 

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