Looking After Your Teen’s Health & Safety: 5 Tips for Parents

Young adults and teens are going through one of the most complex and challenging development phases. During this stage of life, they will enjoy new experiences, have different interactions, and build long-lasting relationships with their peers. 

As a parent, it is natural that you will already be worrying about their wellbeing – but there are added health and safety challenges to overcome. From looking after their mental health to passing on the necessary wisdom for them to safely be behind the wheel, there is a lot you need to prepare yourself for the turbulent years ahead. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind!

Looking After Your Teen’s Health & Safety

It’s All About the Lifestyle

Your little ones’ lifestyle can make a difference in their health and safety. For example, now that the majority of the US population is obese or overweight, there has been a sharp increase in the percentage of strokes, heart attacks, diabetes conditions, and chronic pain. By encouraging your child to learn more about their lifestyle, you can promote healthier choices. After all, a strong body, happy mind, and potent immune system can get them through many health issues in life!

Keep an Open Dialogue

Keeping an open dialogue with your teenage child can make a difference in the risks they will run. While there are some mistakes and rites of passage they will go through no matter what your relationship with them is, they need to know that you are there for them if they need it. Consider counseling to better understand what your child is going through and act as an ally for them!

Give Them the Right Tools for Self-Care

Around 1 in 5 teens are estimated to experience mental health issues during their adolescence. This is one of the highest numbers among all age groups! In fact, during the teen years, your little ones will struggle through personal relationships, their changing body, and new feelings and emotions. 

While you might no longer be their confidant, there are many tools you can equip them with to overcome the challenges they are facing. For example, you could share with them the number of free counseling, sexual health advisors, and medical hotlines. 

Learn the Basics of First Aid and CPR

Around 20% of all teens visit the emergency room for urgent care. And, as your young adult navigates experiences such as driving a car, traveling alone, or attending parties, it is normal that they will face greater risks. However, there is a lot you can do to prevent severe issues! For example, you should consider learning more about delivering emergency first aid and CPR techniques. You might still need the help of a medical professional in the most severe instances – but your experience could make a difference in the incident outcome!

Have an Emergency Kit Ready

Emergency kits are a must-have for all households. However, as your kids begin to grow, you should be ready with all those tools that can help you be ready for all emergencies. Your doctor will be able to help you find a comprehensive list of all the tools you need to have in your emergency kit. Make sure you have wound care supplies and specific prescription medications at hand!

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