Fun Ways To Celebrate The End Of School

Looking for a unique way to celebrate the end of school? Check out these exciting ideas and make this school year memorable!

Most kids look forward to the last day of school like it’s Christmas. Marking the end of classes, assignments, tests, and early alarms for at least a couple of months, the last day of school is an exciting day that definitely warrants a little something special. Whether you choose to go big or stick to something smaller to mark the occasion, there are lots of different ways you can have some fun to celebrate the end of the school year together.

Not sure what you should do with your kiddo to close out the year and kick off summer? Here are a few fun and easy things you can do:


Finding ways to teach kids gratitude isn’t always easy, but at the end of the school year, you’ll find a great opportunity to help them show their teacher how much they appreciate their efforts for the year. Ask your kiddo to brainstorm some gifts to include in a thank-you gift basket, or have them write a sincere letter of thanks to pass along before the final bell rings.


To really kick off summer fast, head straight from the carpool lane to the local swimming pool – or lake or beach, if you live near the water. Pack their favorite swimsuit, plenty of sunscreen, and a couple of pool toys and spent the first afternoon of summer soaking up the sun and splashing in the water.

And if you don’t have easy access to a body of water? That’s ok! Fill up some water balloons for a friendly backyard war, or hook a sprinkler up to the end of your garden hose and make a splash!


For a fun way to capture a little glimpse of who your child was at the end of this year, ask them a few questions and track their answers in an end-of-the-school-year interview. Use your cell phone to record a video of the interview, or create a worksheet and write down your child’s answers to your questions – or give it to them to complete on their own. Ask them to share their favorite moments from the year, their proudest achievements, their biggest hurdles – as well as some fun ones, like their favorite flavor of ice cream.


If your little one loves to read, start the summer right with the gift of literature. Head to your nearest Barnes and Noble and let them pick out a few new books to read throughout the next few months. Not only will reading keep them sharp between semesters, but it’s also a great way to keep your kiddos entertained, especially when summer storms arrive and it’s time to head inside.

Many kids look forward to the end of the school year for weeks, so why not celebrate the day? While there are tons of different ways you can make the day special for your little ones, these are a few fun and easy ways to make it happen without a ton of effort!

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