Ways to Get the Calcium You Need – #NoMoreMomGuilt

This post on ways to get the calcium you need with calcium fortified baked goods, has been sponsored by Kitchen PLAY.

I live in a household of 6 where 3 of the members are lactose intolerant, or have some intolerance to dairy – my husband, Mikael and Madison. As a mother and a wife, I want my family to be as healthy as they can and we all know that calcium is needed for strong bones and teeth. Buying alternative dairy products can get expensive and I’m always looking for new ways to get their calcium intake up, without always having to resort to supplements. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the baked goods that we currently use in our home are already calcium fortified. So it seems that I didn’t have much to worry about after all. There goes that mom guilt right out of the window!

You know us moms can get really hard on ourselves when we feel like we’re not doing the best for our family. In my case, I thought that I wasn’t giving my family enough of the calcium they needed, especially for those who were lactose intolerant. However, did you know that calcium-fortified baked goods are right there in front of you at the grocery store, hiding in plain sight, and you don’t even know it? For example – Sara Lee Soft & Smooth White made with Whole Grain Bread delivers an excellent level of calcium—25% daily value—in just two slices. Just read the labeling. What’s amazing about it all is that you don’t even taste the difference. There’s no “calcium taste” so that my picky eater can say, “ewww, it doesn’t taste good”. There is no after taste, it tastes just like what it’s supposed to taste like, which makes it perfect for ALL your picky eaters.

Now, according to the FDA, a product with 10% of the daily value of calcium per serving is considered to be a “good source of calcium”, while one with 20% is considered to be an “excellent source of calcium”. However, any product that delivers the same amount of calcium as an 8oz glass of milk is said to deliver a “glass-of-milk level” of calcium.

We aren’t big fans of fast food, but we all love Subway for their amazing sandwiches and fresh veggies. It’s actually one of the ways that I can get Madison to eat her veggies without her even realizing that she’s eating them. However, Madison also gets a glass-of-milk level of calcium in her 6″ sandwich bread without her even realizing it. So not only is she getting a great sandwich but she’s also getting a meal that I feel good about.

So, how can you tell which baked goods are calcium fortified? It’s really simple… just read the labeling. There are lots of bread, flatbread, muffins, buns, rolls, etc., which are calcium fortified for you and your family. So, if you’re like me and have someone in your household with lactose intolerance, or maybe even a picky eater, just check the labeling and pick up some calcium-fortified baked goods products.

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