Ways To Support Your Teen’s School Subject Study

If your teenager is like any other, then you already know that there are so many things they want to do right now. However, at the bottom of the list is their homework and regular subject studies. Instead, they want to travel or meet up with friends all the time, and they definitely don’t want to sit down with a textbook for half an hour! It just feels like too much, and maybe they have trouble concentrating, or working things out on their own. 

All in all, they need a bit of support right now, and as their parent, you’re in the perfect position to provide it. And with the points below, this post aims to inspire you into action – make sure you keep these tips in mind when your teen tends to put their studies on the sidelines. 

Ways To Support Your Teen's School Subject Study

Use Small Rewards

If you want to motivate your teen to study more, then you’re going to have to break out the rewards chart! Many teenagers respond to getting a treat, especially if they’re bad at keeping up with their chores, and the same principle can apply here. So, make sure you’ve got a way to stick it up on the wall, and then invest in some stickers. 

And these small rewards can be anything, from an extra hour of screen time to a slight increase in their allowance for the week. As long as it’s small, yet is worthy to work towards (and not like a trip to Disney World!), you can write it down as a possible option. 

Make the Subjects Fun

We all know just how boring certain school subjects can be. Maybe you never quite got on with English, or maybe Math wasn’t your forte? Either way, your teenager may be struggling with the same thing, and you certainly wouldn’t want that! This means it’s time to come up with some ways to help them find the fun in these dreaded subjects. 

Maybe take them out and about, to show them these subjects in action? To the theater, or the science museum? What about buying them some Logic & Math puzzle books to try out? There are a lot of little ways to help them find a bit of enjoyment in what they have to study, and it’s all about being proactive! 

Talk About Why They Don’t Want to Study

If none of these ideas work, or your teenager seems unresponsive to wanting to study in general, it’s time to sit down with them and talk about it. Maybe something is going on in their life you don’t know about? Maybe they’re being bullied and/or feeling depressed? As long as you open up the dialogue, and keep it judgment and ‘overreaction’ free, they’ll be more willing to tell you why studying just isn’t for them right now. 

If your teen doesn’t study as much as they should, or not at all, it might be time to step in and help them out. Your actions can go a long way!

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