How to Help Your Children Overcome Their Anxiety

Do you have children who are anxious about something specific? It’s perfectly normal for kids to have some anxiety, but when that anxiety starts to affect other areas of their life, it’s important to help them overcome it. Here are some tips you can use to help your children overcome their anxiety.

Identify Their Fears

Before you can help your children overcome their anxiety, you need to be able to identify their fears. What are the anxious about? What are the reasons behind these anxieties? Once you’ve identified what’s making them afraid or anxious, you can start taking the appropriate steps to help them overcome these anxieties.

Take Small Steps

If your children are anxious about something, you don’t want to throw them into a situation that will cause panic. Instead of a full confrontation of their fears, take small steps to expose them to situations that cause them anxiety. As your children become comfortable with a small step, take another step, slowly helping them overcome their anxieties.

Teach Them Coping Strategies

You’ll also want to teach your children coping strategies they can use to overcome their anxieties. For example, if your children are anxious about speaking in from of large crowds or groups, you can teach them the old trick of imagining their audience in their underwear. If your children are older, you can teach them mental tricks to redirect their attention. You can even teach them to use yoga and breathing exercises to calm their minds and their fears.

Talk About It

Many times, when your kids are anxious about something, it can be so easy to avoid bringing up these anxieties so that your kids stay comfortable. This can be a problem, however, since avoiding their anxieties can cause your children to think that their fears are something to hide from instead of faced. To help your kids feel more comfortable with their anxieties, don’t be afraid to talk about it. The more you face these anxieties together, the more likely it’ll be that your children are able to overcome them.

Overcoming your anxieties isn’t easy, whether you’re an adult or a kid. If your children are anxious about something, simply be there for them, helping them through the process to overcome their fears.

What are some ways you help your children overcome their anxiety?

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