10 Ways To Reward Your Kids

If you’re looking for ways to reward your kids, you’ve come to the right place.

Ways To Reward Your Kids

How do you reward your kids if they’ve done something amazing? Maybe they aced their exams or performed exceptionally well in their martial arts or piano performance. Or maybe they’ve just been such great kids that you want to do something special for them.

I was recently chatting with a friend of mine who mentioned that she never rewards her kids, the reason being that they’re supposed to do well in school and be great kids. They’re supposed to be respectful, kind, etc. However, my response to that was, yes, your kids are supposed to be “good.” They are supposed to do well in school and perform to the best of their ability, but a little incentive doesn’t hurt, does it?

When I was growing up, I didn’t have an allowance, and it wasn’t because my parents couldn’t afford to give me one, but because they thought just like my friend did. But then again, I also grew up in the Caribbean, where allowances weren’t a normal thing. When I had my own family, I also didn’t give an allowance, but then slowly started incorporating ways they could “earn” an allowance by designating chores that they could optionally do in order to earn a bit of spending money.

That way, they learned the value of money and responsibility at the same time. It was basically their first paid job without actually having a job. However, that has slowly changed as they now do have an allowance, but they’re still able to “earn extra by doing extra”.

But back to rewards. What are some ways you can reward your kids for a job well done? How do we reward our kids in a way that is positive and beneficial? Here are ten ways you can do so.

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1. Give them a special treat

This could be their favorite food or something they don’t usually get to have. For example, my kids love ice cream, so if they’ve done something amazing, I’ll take them out for ice cream as a reward.

2. Give them extra screen time

If you limit their screen time on a daily basis, you can give them extra screen time as a reward. Just make sure it’s not too much extra screen time, or else it kind of defeats the purpose.

3. Take them on a staycation

Staycations are a great way to have a vacation without breaking the bank, as you’re staying within close proximity to home. You can book a hotel and drive to a nearby town for the weekend.

4. Or maybe a real vacation

Pack your bags, book a flight, and go somewhere you’ve never been before. Whether it’s a national or international flight, do something different. I personally believe in experiences over things, so I prefer to go away instead of, say, buying a video game.

5. Give them a new toy or item they’ve been wanting

I’m sure your kids have a list of things they want, whether it’s a new bike or the latest Barbie doll. If they’ve done something great, you can get them that thing they’ve been wanting.

6. Get them a gift card to their favorite store

Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to get your kids, so a gift card is always a great option. They can use it to buy whatever they want at their favorite store.

7. Give them a day off from chores

If they usually have certain age-appropirate chores to do on a daily basis, give them the day off as a reward for being good. Just make sure someone else is around to pick up the slack!

8. Plan a fun activity together

Do something that your kids will enjoy, whether it’s going to the park or painting pottery together. It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy or expensive.

9. Have a family movie night

Make some popcorn, snuggle up on the couch, and watch one of your kids’ favorite movies together. You can even make it into a theme night and wear pajamas or make it a Disney movie marathon.

10. Give them a big hug and tell them how proud you are

Sometimes the best thing you can give your kids is your time, attention, and affection. A simple hug and kind words can mean the world to them.

In Conclusion

There are many different ways to reward children, and the best way to figure out what works for your child is to experiment. Try different things and see what makes your child happiest. Be sure to avoid using rewards as a bribe, as this can have negative consequences in the long run. When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that you love and support your child no matter what.

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