5 Clever Ways Your Teens Can Earn Some Extra Pocket Money

Whether you choose to give your teens an allowance or not, the chances are that they will come to you at some point and ask for money. Of course, this can create many conflicts, especially if they have unrealistic expectations on how much they should spend. The good news is there is a way to solve this problem, and it’s to help your teen learn the value of money by earning it themselves. Keep reading to find the best suggestions for this below. 

Ways Teens Can Earn Money

Dog Walking 

First of all, if you want to encourage your teen to earn money for themselves, why not suggest they start a dog walking business? Indeed, there are many benefits to dog walking in addition to cash, such as getting exercise in the fresh air and learning responsibility for setting and keeping appointments. 

Of course, as dog walking requires taking responsibility for others’ beloved pets, it is wise to advise your teen to invest in insurance. Otherwise, they may find themselves facing a hefty bill if something did go wrong. 


Another excellent option for teens looking to earn some extra cash is to start cleaning people’s homes or businesses, either independently or as an employee for a professional cleaning company. After all, many such companies offer hours early in the morning or later in the evening, which is likely to fit in with your teen’s school responsibilities. 

However, suppose your teen would instead go into business for themselves. In that case, your teen is likely to need some essential tools and equipment. These costs are something you may wish to lend them the money to cover for the time being. 

Earning Money Online 

There are many ways for your teen to earn some extra cash online such as completing surveys. However, if you are looking for something they will enjoy and reward them for their time, providers like PlayPhone Games are a great option. Indeed, by playing such fun games online, your teen can earn balance coins that can be redeemed in the form of Amazon vouchers. 

Make Crafts to Sell 

If you find yourself a creative teen parent, what about encouraging them to make and craft items to sell? The advantage of this activity is that it can be a lot of fun to do, and it also means that, for the most part, your teen won’t have to work outside of the home. 

They will also have the opportunity to sell their crafts online, attend craft festivals, or both. Who knows, perhaps this activity may ignite a creative spark in them so potent that it leads to a rewarding and profitable career?

Tutor Other Kids 

Finally, if you are looking for ways your teen can earn extra pocket money, why not suggest that they tutor others? After all, there is always someone at school that requires a little help in a particular subject. 

Of course, to get work as a tutor, your teen will need to be doing well in that subject themselves. However, remember that it’s not only the more academic classes like Math where people require tutors but also others such as music or social studies. 

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