Age-Appropriate Household Chores For Your Kids


To be honest, most kids aren’t too enthusiastic about doing chores, and most parents hate nagging their children about doing them. However, as parents, we need to realize that we’re not doing our kids any favors if we just let them get away with not helping around the house.

There are several reasons why we have to give our children chores. For one, it’s one way to make sure that everything that needs doing around the house—especially a big one—is done. Another is that making them do chores allows them to actively contribute to the household in their own way.

Chores also provide our kids with a learning experience on many levels. Not only do they get to learn specific basic skills that will come in handy in later life, but they also help our children develop a sense of responsibility and accountability.

There’s a study that says adults who did chores as children tend to be happier and more successful. Shouldn’t that be enough to start assigning household tasks for them and creating, if need be, a chore allowance chart?


If you decide to make your kids do chores, make sure you assign them age-appropriate tasks. While there’s no such thing as “too early” when it comes to teaching kids chores, it’s only sensible to assign them tasks that are ideal for their age. Use the list below as a reference.

Age 2-3:

Putting dirty laundry in the hamper

Picking up toys or any clutter in their bedroom

Making beds with your supervision

Age 4-5:

Folding towels

Fluffing up throw pillows

Giving pets food and water

Dusting tables, shelves, picture frames

Setting the dining table, and clearing it afterward

Passing you wet laundry for hanging to dry

Helping carry lighter groceries

Assisting in cleaning their rooms

Sorting fresh laundry by color

Age 6-8:

Watering plants

Folding fresh laundry

Picking up the phone

Dusting and mopping

Emptying the dishwasher

Helping prepare food

Age 9-12:

Taking out the trash

Doing the dishes

Cleaning their bedroom

Preparing easy meals such as cereals without supervision

Raking the lawn

Helping with bathroom and kitchen cleanup

Taking the dog for a walk

Helping wash the car

Putting groceries in shelves

Changing sheets

Washing windows

Age 13 and up:

Vacuuming the carpet

Preparing dinner


Replacing light bulbs

Doing the laundry

Mowing the lawn

Wash and maintain the car, if they’re of driving age


Don’t be too pushy when it comes to making them do chores. And expecting them to do their tasks to perfection wouldn’t help. If anything, your approach to assigning them chores should be relaxed, and you can try and make it fun. Just show them the proper way to do a specific duty, and they’ll eventually pick it up. In effect, you will be leading and teaching by example, which is always good.


If we are giving them chores to help them prepare for adult life, then giving them an allowance for tasks they complete would make a lot of sense. When they earn money for doing chores, they will see the value of hard work. It will also allow you to teach them how to manage their money, a skill that will serve them well when they enter adulthood.

It’s never too early for your kids to do chores and receive rewards for them. When they do chores and earn from them and have the sense to save up while they’re still young, you can rest assured that they’ll grow up to be hardworking, responsible, financially-aware, and happy adults.


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