How Can Parents Prevent Their Kids From Cheating During Online Exams?

How Can Parents Prevent Their Kids From Cheating During Online Exams?

 Being parents is not as easy as it seems. It is not only giving birth to your little one but also taking ample care. With love and care comes ample responsibilities too. Having a child is not about showing affection, love, and care but also making your child a sensible one. Parents make the foundation strong in their children. They make them ready to face challenges in the near future. Parents are no doubt the most important and integral portion of a child’s life.


The child is born to parents and gets introduced to the outside world through the eyes of parents. After this brief introduction, the child is to get ready for the next big step in life. This step is education. The beginning years of education remain very basic. It usually begins with the parents. The parents take out their valuable time to give the best to their child. They try to nurture every bit of their child’s brain and give them the best nourishment in the form of education. 

Education is an important step towards a better future, and the parents make sure to provide their child with the best possible education. It is often said that everything you learn outside actually begins at home. Parents need to take special care that their child receives the education with the positivity associated with it. They should receive that education from their parents, and the children accept challenges that will often cross their paths in the future.


As a parent, you should never put your expectations on your child. You should provide your child with the best possible education, but it does not mean that you would expect definite success in return. You should know that every child is different and has a separate set of qualities. As a parent, you should never pressurize your child to perform the best. Always encourage your child to give out the best but never teach them to be the best. 

The mental development of the children is often hampered under peer pressure. Try to release the pressure and help in their mental development rather than focusing only on physical development. Teach your child the value of honesty so that your child will think twice before taking any adverse step. 

Try to be their best friend and let them share things with you. Talk to them as their soulmate. This will let you understand your child’s psychology more than anyone else. If your child is in any trouble, try to listen to them patiently instead of scolding them. 


The breakdown of the global pandemic has imposed many restrictions, among which schools are also there. Most of the schools have shifted towards the online mode of education. They are also conducting the school examinations in online mode. This is a creative way of taking examinations, and this system is igniting sparks of excitement among children nowadays. In the virtual system of examinations, it can be difficult for the teachers to monitor the students. In this scenario, the parents can play a major role in monitoring their children. 

  • It may happen that your child is waiting for you to move out of the room during the hours of online exams. They will let you believe that the video and audio quality of the system are poor. The moment you step out of the room, your child can start cheating. Never do this. Remain inside the room and check to confirm the internet quality.
  • Never flow away with emotions. Children may persuade their parents during exams that all their classmates are taking the help of their parents. They are doing this for good grades. Restrict yourself from doing so. Teach your child to remain honest and make them feel that you are comfortable with any grades they achieve with their hard work.
  • Try to disconnect or keep away electronic devices from your child. Keep strict control on the working of devices like Alexa. Try to make sure that your child is not using a calculator and turning off captions during the exam. Never let them turn off their audio or video during the exam and try not to help your child during exams. Even if you move out of the room for any reason, revisit the room and monitor closely.
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