Happy Independence Day

Today me and my mommy want to wish you all a very Happy Independence Day or as some would say a very Happy 4th of July.

Most people have a lot of things planned and although I’m not planning anything (I’m too little to plan stuff), I’m definitely going to be enjoying everything that’s already planned. Great food and a dip in the pool are all on my agenda for today. 

Independence Day 2012
Independence Day 2013

To all those who served to gain us our independence a big THANK YOU and to those currently serving to keep our country free a big THANK YOU to you as well. 

To all my readers, be safe out there and have a great day today! Our fireworks have been cancelled in my state for today but we’ll be having them at the end of the month, so enjoy your fireworks wherever you are.

Since so many of you mentioned that you loved my dress I had to do a quick edit. Dress and hair accessories are from Gymboree. ♥ Madison

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