J. Crew Crewcuts and the American Museum of Natural History‏

As most of my readers know, my mommy, daddy and my siblings are all New Yorkers. I am the only one that was born here in Colorado. While I have never been to New York I do intend to visit one day and visit all the family that I have there that have yet to meet me in person. I have heard lots of stories of New York City and it sounds so interesting, well at least a lot more interesting than my home state. I love hearing the stories of the zoos that my siblings visited during the summers, the parks they attended and even the Coney Island Amusement Park that I would personally love to visit. One of the thing that mommy loved when she lived in New York was the fact that there were lots of museums to attend every summer. Actually they are available all year round. One of her favorite happened to be the American Museum of National History. My brothers and big sister have been going there every year when they lived in New York. My brother Mikael is a huge fan of dinosaurs and mommy seems to think that his love came from visiting the museum yearly. She even found a picture of herself and Mikael visiting when he was younger.

Now when mommy found out that J. Crew Crewcuts had themed up with the American Museum of Natural History for a tee shirt collaboration, she just knew that she had to have something from the line. This not only brought back sweet memories for her but it’s something that I now had to look forward to.

These tees were all inspired by the Museum’s archives. It actually took the designers 2 days to go through the archives in order to bring us these unique and beautiful designs. They are not only fun but they all share facts from the library and exhibits. I couldn’t wait to get my tees in the mail.

Mommy decided that I was going to get the Hall of Gems tee which depicts hand-drawn gems from the Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems. There you can see over 100,000 gems and minerals and it’s such a sight to behold. There are descriptions of the different cuts of gems on the back of the tee. Did you know that one of the ways that gems are formed is from volcanic eruptions?

I also received the Olive and Izzy Dino Tee. Now if you ever get to go to the American Museum of Natural History you have GOT to check out the Hall of Saurischian Dinosaurs. There have a T-Rex fossil that is amazing to look at.

Now these tees are available for both boys and girls and the quality is outstanding, just what you’ve come to expect from J. Crew. We just love the detailing on both the back and front of the tees. I also had fun pretending that I was a tiny dinosaur. You should hear me roar!

Each tee also comes with the American Museum of National History logo on the sleeves. These tees are perfect for those who plan on visiting the American Museum of National History, even if you don’t intend on visiting because you’re too far away, like I am right now, these would be fun to have in your wardrobe. Nothing like collecting a piece of history.

Tee shirt prices range from $32.50 – $38.00 which is the price range for most crewcuts tees for kids. The are also available from sizes 2 – 14. I think this is one collection you should not hesitate to get. You’ll love it! The J. Crew Crewcuts and American Museum of National History collaboration totally gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Here are the ways to connect with J. Crew:

You can also connect with the American Museum of National History:

So have you ever been to the American Museum of National History and if you haven’t would you love to visit? 

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