Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes with Friendly Rooster

You may recognize that song by singing it with your own children. If you don’t have children you may remember singing it when you were younger yourself. One thing that I love doing is being outdoors. Whether it’s Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, I have to be outdoors. I hate being cooped up inside the house so if I can be outdoors enjoying the sunshine and the fresh (or not so quite) fresh air, I’m all up for it. Now while I love running around barefoot when I’m indoors, it’s a whole different ballgame when I’m actually outside.

I like to have on shoes that are not only comfortable but fashionable as well. After all I like to think of myself as a fashionable pre-schooler. I’m no longer a toddler, can you believe that? Yes I officially entered the world of pre-schoolers when I turned 3. Finding fashionable and comfortable shoes doesn’t have to be time consuming and difficult to find either. Not when there’s Friendly Rooster there to help you. Not only do they have some of the better brands in the market when it comes to children shoes, but they are also made to help with the proper development of your little one’s feet.

There is such a selection of shoes to choose from at Friendly Rooster. Here’s just a few and you may recognize a few of the names since I have reviewed a few of them right here on Growing Up Madison. A few others I have been wearing since birth since mommy and I just happen to love, love, LOVE them. Shoes like Livie and Luca which has been an absolute favorite of ours and Pediped which I’ve also worn since birth.  When Friendly Rooster asked that I take a look at another brand that I have never heard of before now I was excited. I know that Friendly Rooster has only the best so I was more than willing to give this new brand Tip Toey Joey a try.

I happened to receive the Tip Toey Joey Hunch and when mommy opened the box, the words out of my mouth were “I like those shoes”. Those that know me, knows that I’m a shoe connoisseur and those words have to mean something. Now here is something that I have to tell you about Friendly Rooster and Tip Toey Joey before I go on and on.  Currently they are working together to help infants in need. For every pair of Tip Toey Joey shoes purchased, a new pair of will be donated to a beginning walker in need right here in the United States. I just love companies that gives back!

Now usually when I get a shoe I’m always wary that it might not fit true to size. I’ve had experiences where a shoes tells me one size and when I receive it, it’s not quite what I expect because it’s a 1/2 size or even a full size smaller. There was no problem with the Hunch. As a matter of fact, I have fairly wide feet and this shoes is perfect for those with wide feet. The velcros make them super easy for me to put on and off and the fact that they are made of leather means that will conform to my feet.

Now I had to put these shoes to the test. I wanted to be sure that they were as comfortable as they looked so I decided to wear them for a few hours. I wanted to jump and play around in them. After all the true test of a shoe comes from actually wearing them. You don’t wanted pinched toes and I’m also a little too young to see corns and blisters. I hate wearing socks with shoes so I decided to wear these without them for the really true test. I have to tell you that it passed.

I jumped around, I ran and I even kicked a ball (although it needed air) and at the end of wearing it my feet were as before I put the shoes on. I couldn’t be happier with the Tip Toey Joey brand and I think I now have another favorite. Thank you Friendly Rooster! You and Tip Toey Joey gets my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

Now you have to check out all the other amazingly adorable baby, toddler and little kids shoes on the Friendly Rooster website.

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