4 Tips for Keeping a More Magical Mindset

Life can be a truly amazing, beautiful, and magical thing in all sorts of different ways – but it can also be mundane, dull, boring, and uninspiring.

What makes the difference? Is it all about things like having a successful career and going to lots of exciting parties?

Well, judging by the number of successful people and celebrities out there who aren’t too happy with their circumstances, probably not.

While there are all sorts of things that can cause us to find life more or less magical and thrilling, a lot of it has to do with the kind of mindset that we choose to cultivate and bring to the experiences that we have throughout our lives.

Here are just a few tips that might help you to keep a more magical mindset, that can then translate into a more magical, meaningful, and exciting experience of life.

Tips for Keeping a More Magical Mindset

Regularly put yourself in situations that let you see things from a different perspective

One of the things about travel that can be extremely positive and rewarding, is the fact that going to a new and interesting destination can really help you to detach from your normal everyday outlooks, concerns, frustrations, and perspectives on things.

Generally speaking, anything that can put you in a situation that causes you to see things from a different perspective can be very powerful in letting you break out of mental ruts, see paths that you might otherwise miss, and rejuvenate your sense of enthusiasm for life.

Of course, going to explore new destinations can also help to regularly rekindle your sense of wonder and interest, and can remind you of just how fascinating and beautiful the world is, if only you are willing to step out of your door and embrace it in the right way.

Treat your belongings, and the world at large, as if everything had character and personality

There are all sorts of different belongings you might have that could give a sense of character and uniqueness to your home, ranging from things like Moscow mule copper mugs, to particular family heirlooms, ornamental statues, or any number of other things.

One great way of cultivating and maintaining a magical mindset is by treating your belongings – and for that matter, the world at large – as if everything had a particular “life” character, and personality.

The famous Japanese tidying guru, Marie Kondo, actively advocates for practices like greeting and saying goodbye to your home when you arrive and leave, as well as thanking your belongings for the role they play in your life, lovingly folding your clothes, and various other things that she considers to be her own spin on the traditional Japanese religion of Shinto.

Whether or not you actually believe that everything has some kind of life and personality, acting as if it did will certainly help you to see the world in a more beautiful, dynamic, and magical way, which will enrich your experience of everyday things.

Find opportunities for regular immersion in nature

There’s a huge amount of evidence that regularly spending time in nature is an extremely healthy thing to do, for your physical health, and also for your emotional and mental health.

Increasingly, there are plenty of movements out there specifically encouraging ordinary people to regularly spend time in the great outdoors, ranging from the concept of “Forest Bathing,” to a resurgence of interest in camping and hiking.

It’s in nature that many people feel some of the most profound sense of connection to something greater than them, and to the magic and beauty of the world at large.

If you can find opportunities in your life for regular immersion in nature, you’re likely to experience plenty of overall benefits, and a more exciting and dynamic perspective on the world at large.

Dream big, use your imagination, and set yourself exciting goals

If you live your life in a way where you are always trying to be totally “practical,” it is very likely that you will find yourself becoming burned-out, jaded, and frustrated sooner rather than later.

In order for us to experience life in the most magical way possible, it’s necessary to use our imagination, dream big dreams, and excite ourselves with goals and images that we find meaningful, beautiful, and uplifting in a variety of different ways.

In your own life, getting started with practices like positive visualization might go a long way towards making your everyday experience of things more magical.

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