How to Save Money on Kids Sports

As parents, we are always looking to give our kids the best. We want them to learn and grow. Sports are a big way kids gain strength and build character but the price adds up fast. Here are some great ways to save on kid’s sports.

Look into local school sport options

Check if your child’s school district offers a sport they are offering the sport your child wants to try. If you are a homeschooler some states allow children to take advantage of extracurricular classes and programs offered by local schools including band and sports.

Get the early signup discount

When it comes to saving money we all know planning is key. By planning ahead you can save money on kids sports by getting you a 10% to 20% discount on your sign up fees and first pick over equipment at your local stores. You may also get a discount by paying ahead on programs with monthly fees.

Seek a sponsor

Talk to your child’s coach and volunteer to help find the team a sponsor to help lower the out of pocket cost for the whole team. Pitch local supermarkets, shoe and equipment shops, or the local mom and pops. These sponsor relationships help foster growth in the community.

Check your community center

Community centers often offer fairly low-cost sports programs for kids that can save you plenty of money. Many community centers offer scholarships for their programs, discounts, and even resale on equipment.

Check your YMCA

The YMCA offers scholarships to kids with lower incomes. They offer a lower price than many private leagues and provide a great family-friendly environment.

Trade time for a discount

It never hurts to ask. Many teams need coaches, assistants, and other help and many are willing to offer discounts and even your child’s fees. This allows you to save money while demonstrating work ethic, and bonding with your child over their favorite sport.

Buy used equipment

Being used equipment is a great way to save money on kid’s sports. All of those cleats, pads, helmets rackets, and balls add up in cost FAST. Add the fact that children outgrow all of it so fast that you will be lucky if it all lasts a whole season. Resale shops, Craigslist, eBay, and specialty shops like play it again sports are all great options for finding uses equipment. be sure to clean and sanitize well then go on with your life enjoying a large savings.

Save on snacks for the team.

Save on team snacks

The local grocery store may be willing to provide things like granola bars, and bananas to your team for healthy pre-game snacks. Coupons and sales are a great way to save money on snacks for the kids and with planning ahead could lower the cost dramatically. Spaghetti makes a great affordable meal for large team dinners. Even offering a higher cost gluten-free option it is a cheap meal. A crockpot to keep the marinara hot makes even cooked the night before spaghetti a great option as the noodles taste fine cold.

Let’s discuss: How do you save money on your own kids’ sports? 

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