Nudging Your Teen Towards a Happy and Fulfilling Adulthood

It’s not easy being a teenager. Alas, it doesn’t get all that much easier when you become an adult. You learn how to play the game a little better, but you’re not a massive fan of the game, and yet you’re stuck playing it. Well, that’s the cynical view, one that many people hold. There is another route available, however. Happiness may not be within easy reach, but it’s far from a million miles away. If you do the right things, then you’ll eventually live a life that’s full of satisfaction.

And, of course, it’s better to know what the right things are when you’re still young. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the best tips you can give your teen.

Nudging Your Teen Towards a Happy and Fulfilling Adulthood

Ignore the Haters

You can’t make everyone happy in this world. Even if you wanted to, you’d fall short. If your teen is going to follow their dreams, then they’ll come up against people that tell them that it’s not possible, that they’re wasting their time, that they’re not good enough, and so on. This can have a damaging effect even if there are only one or two dissenting voices. The best advice is to simply ignore them. They’ll always be people that want to knock you down. It’s up to you whether they’re able to actually do so. 

Everyday Wellness

In this crazy old world, it’s super important to look after yourself. The world can beat you up pretty bad. It’s important that you can at least count on yourself to treat yourself right. Society isn’t going to give you what you really need! Teaching wellness practices such as meditation, yoga, and treating yourself well can have a hugely positive impact on anyone’s life, and especially a teenager’s life since they’re going through such a weird and complicated time. It’s unlikely that they’ll learn this in school (though more schools are giving their students access to this information). You can be their little wellness guru!

Healthy Living

Another aspect of wellness is healthy living. If you’re eating well, exercising, and all-around giving your body what it needs, then you’ll find that it’s much easier to live your best life. Most people discover that they should be living a healthy lifestyle at some point or another. It’s just that, by the time they realize, they face an uphill battle to get to where they want or need to be. It’s much easier if these practices are just a part of your life from an early age. So make sure that your teenagers learn the value of preparing healthy meals, working up a sweat, and generally doing right by the best vehicle they’ll ever have, their body.

A Sense of Possibility

The world faces an uncertain future, or at least that’s what everyone will tell you. Yet while it’s important to be mindful of the more negative aspects of life, it’s crucial that a person doesn’t become too despondent about the future. The world has faced crises before and overcome them, and it will again. If your child is optimistic by nature, then they’ll always be able to see the good things that can come — and which always do come. The future is not lost yet. It becomes lost when people give up. 

Sharing Wisdom

Your teenager will learn a lot in school. But they’ll only learn a certain type of knowledge. It’s the kind that’ll allow them to go out into the world and build a career. It’s not the kind that’ll necessarily help to make their dreams come true. Most people acquire wisdom through the simple act of living, but it sure would be handy if they knew it while they were still in the process of crafting their life. Take a read of the best life advice for teens, and drop it into conversation during dinner. You might just find that it switches a light on inside your child’s mind that had, up until this point, been switched off. And you never know what that could lead to. 

Pursuing Passions

Passion doesn’t have to be profitable. If your teenager is interested in one thing or another, then look at encouraging them. It might seem like they’ve got everything figured out all on their own, but you’d be amazed at just what a little bit of encouragement can do for a person’s confidence. Asking questions, helping pay for equipment, and praising their work and determination can be a game-changer. 

Nudging Your Teen Towards a Happy and Fulfilling Adulthood

Open Mind

It’s a big old world out there, with many different people and ways of being. You can rail against those things, or you can have an open mind and accept that the world is a wonderfully diverse place. The future is moving towards more openness and togetherness. If your child has a sense of this from their early years, then they’ll be well on their way towards having a happy and positive adult life. 

All the Love

Finally, make sure your teenager feels loved and cared for. This can sound simple, but it’s actually not. Even if you know that you admire and love your teenager, they might not know! Going through your teen years can be a complicated process, and it’s full of doubts and uncertainty. If they can’t rely on anything else, at least they should know that they can rely on your love. Of course, at this stage of their lives, it’s unlikely that you’ll get as much back as you would like. But that’s not the point. If you feed love into them, then they’ll become love, even if it takes some time. And a person that goes through life with love in their heart can go far.


This is from an exhaustive list of how you can help your child. For starters, you’ll know what they need more than we do. But we’re reasonably confident that this is sound advice that will help your teenager to live their best life once they finally flock the nest and become their own person. 

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