4 Important Legal Tips For When You Are Being Sued

Legal actions and lawsuits are complicated matters that can take a long time to resolve. If someone sues you for whatever reason, there are several things that you need to remember and consider. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are being sued.

Legal Tips When Being Sued

Never Ignore The Lawsuit

This could lead to a default judgment. This is what happens when the defendant in a lawsuit doesn’t show up for any court hearing or legal meetings, generally not acknowledging the court claim. This is a terrible idea and practice to do, as the party that is suing you has all the power, leverage, and has the only forms of evidence that would not be up for dispute. All they have to do is speak to the presiding judge, explain that you have not shown up, present their evidence, and they will likely win their case. Because you are not there to defend yourself, the plaintiff will come after you for the money they feel entitled to, going after your money, your assets, and even your income in order to collect the money they are owed. If this occurs, it is much more difficult to defend yourself after the case has already been settled than it would be to address the case as it unfolds. You are best to acknowledge the lawsuit, seek out counsel and services, and handle the case properly.

Seek Settlement Options

If there has been a lawsuit filed against you, one thing to consider is a settlement and coming to terms before you have to go through a lengthy court process. You want to evaluate the situation and create open lines of communication with the other party that is suing you to see if you can come to a compromise. Going about this in a civil manner, trying to be reasonable and understanding is crucial to be able to reach a middle ground for both parties. If this is the case, a settlement is much easier to reach. This is not always the case in some circumstances where communications prior to the lawsuit could not create closure. Perhaps one party ignored the concerns of the other and this was what translated to the lawsuit in the first place. There may be multiple infractions and laws in question that have led to one to sue the other. 

Regardless of the reasoning, the relationship may deteriorate to a point where reconciliation is unreachable. If you can settle matters outside of the courtroom, it is highly advisable to do so because the process will ultimately take a significant amount of time and cost a significant amount of money.

One of the most important tips you need to consider if you are ever in a situation where someone has filed a lawsuit against you is to get professional legal services. This means the first thing you should do is retain a lawyer. Even if you don’t believe it is in your budget to represent you in court, the fact of the matter is that depending on the lawsuit, you could end up paying a significant amount more if you were to try and handle the proceedings yourself, especially if you fail to defend yourself. The family law attorneys in Peoria, AZ understand the difference an attorney can provide for any case, naturally impacting the outcome and results whether you can win your case or not. Even if you don’t go to court, a lawyer can significantly help with your negotiations and cut down the time it takes to facilitate an agreement and they will know specifics like meeting deadlines for your responses.

 In Arizona for example, you must respond to a lawsuit summons within 30 days while other states or county jurisdictions have a tighter window like 21 days. Your lawyer will be able to assist with meeting pertinent deadlines to avoid you from getting into any trouble. They can also help provide mediation between two parties, as lawyers on either side will not have emotional ties to either party and can look at a situation more objectively.

Legal Tips When Being Sued

Counter Sue The Opposition

If you are being sued, when you are responding to the initial summons, one of the options you have is to put in counter counterclaims against the other party. When someone sues you, that is only one side of the story. You may have your own side where you feel the plaintiff or other party has either falsely accused you, or done other things that were not included and feel you need to be compensated for, such as emotional or mental distress, or addressing other facts that you can sue for as well.

Keep these tips in mind as they will be handy to know if you ever find yourself in legal trouble. When you are in the midst of a lawsuit, you have to act quickly to create your case. It is always wise to seek the advice and aid of professionals.

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