Add a Pop Of Color This Easter With Teleflora

I’m a sucker for flowers. I love seeing them and I love receiving them. Since I have a brown thumb as I like to say, receiving beautiful flowers totally makes up for it. I have been known to kill a cactus so planting flowers in my garden and having them grow is not going to happen any time soon, however I love decorating with them. If you enter my home, the first thing you’ll see on my entryway table is a vase with faux flowers and you’ll find them in my living room and on my dining room table as well. I decorate for the season and with Easter and Spring right on the horizon I love the splash of color that it brings. Gone are the dreary orange of the Fall and the plain boring white of Winter, here comes color! Now here’s something else I love when I get my flowers, a beautiful decorative vase. I have to admit that I am one of those who look at the vase before looking at the floral display. I love vases that can be used again and again and since I normally display my flowers on my entryway table, I need something that is going to pop and deliver that oomph. It’s one of the reason I just love shopping at Teleflora whenever I need a floral display that is going to deliver more than just flowers, and this Easter, Teleflora doesn’t disappoint. The new Easter selections are the perfect floral décor or gift for Easter and spring time, and the containers can be used again and again as décor or serving pieces. Here are a few of my favorite.

Teleflora’s Spring Tulip Pitcher Bouquet

This is my all time favorite. While I love roses, after a while they tend to get boring. After all how many times can I get roses throughout the year? Well you may say as much times as you want, but after seeing bouquet upon bouquet of roses, how about mixing it up a little? How about some originality! Pour on the charm! Inspired by vintage American pottery, this hand-painted, tulip-shaped pitcher is a pretty way to present this heavenly mix of spring pink roses, purple alstroemeria and white daisies! With its fresh colors and sweet scalloped spout, this food-safe design is destined to be a treasured serving piece all year long.

Teleflora’s Hello Spring Bouquet

Now while this also includes roses as do all of the Easter bouquets, you get to say “Hello” to Spring in style! This vibrant bouquet features a colorful burst of rich pink roses, yellow alstroemeria, lavender and purple chrysanthemums, and playful pussy willow flourishing within a delightful hand-glazed and hand-crafted keepsake container. I am really in love with this vase. This vase just simple screams Spring and I can see this being on display with even some faux flowers after your own bouquet is no longer viable.

Teleflora’s Happy Dots Bouquet 

I am a fan of polka dots and this cheerful, hand-painted dots dance joyfully beneath a bright, beautiful mix of hot pink roses, yellow daisies and chrysanthemums, and a charming blend of purple and green accent flowers. With all its playful colors, this springtime floral favorite will be a go-to home décor piece for every happy occasion! This I see being placed in a playroom to give it even more cheer.

The best thing about Teleflora and what I truly love is that their flowers are all arranged and delivered by a local florist (in the US and Canada) so you can even get same day delivery. I’ve never had a bad experience with Teleflora and my floral arrangements are all beautiful and smell heavenly.  So if you’re still searching for that truly one of a kind arrangement for Easter be sure to check out Teleflora’s Easter Flowers and add a pop of color to someone’s life this Easter.

Let’s discuss: What’s the first thing that you notice when shopping for a floral arrangement?

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