How to Win Over Your Cat and Become Their Top Human

Discover proven strategies to build a strong bond with your feline friend. Master the art of winning over your cat and becoming their trusted human.


Do you know your cat probably has a favorite person, and it might not be you? Yes, cats are similar to humans, and they form strong opinions about the people around them and whether they like them or not. Sometimes, you can be the person who is feeding them and cleaning up after them, yet you will seem cuddling to a person who does not do anything. Strange, but true!

So, what makes a cat choose their favorite person, and what is the reason behind it? The short answer is that the reason is a combination of human-cat communication, environment, routine, and the personality of the cat. When you find a cat or kitten and adopt one, you wish to bond with them and become their favorite person. And you can be! You have to win over the cat, and this blog shares a few secrets to becoming one.

How to Win Over Your Cat and Become Their Top Human

Tips for becoming your cat’s favorite person

So, you adopted one of the cats for sale, and you want to become their favorite person? Then, here are a few tips you can follow and be hopeful about:

Try to bond early with your cat.

When you adopt a cat, you have a small window to bond with them. The first three to seven weeks of your kitten’s life are significant in helping you bond with the cat. Thus, it is necessary to expose the cat to multiple smells and sounds, which can help the kitten develop a great bond with you. If you do not give the kitten any exposure to human interaction, they will be suspicious and guarded. So, work on this.

Work on developing communication with your cat.

Cats are non-verbal animals, but they do communicate, and if you can understand that, it will make things easier for you. Their communication style is unique; they do not like it if you always pet them, so keep this in mind. Eye contact is one of the best ways to communicate with a child. Do not stare, but blink slowly, which communicates safety. Other ways to communicate with your cat are:

  • Saying hello to acknowledge the presence.
  • Respect their personal space.
  • Let them come to you and communicate.
  • Do not pet them forcibly. 

Have Boundaries

Cats do not like uncomfortable situations. If your cat displays symptoms of uncomfortableness, like when visitors are over, understand them. You will be their favorite person if you honor their boundaries, like not petting them in places they do not like—bellies, paws, legs, and over their heads. It also includes not forcing them to play or go out when they do not want to or when they are sleeping. If you do, be ready to get scratched or bitten.

Spend quality time with them.

Indulge in some fun playtime with your cat. It gives them attention and a chance to exercise. It boosts the feel-good hormone-boosting connection between the cat and you. Playing allows the cat to release their pent-up energy and indulge in behaviors they love, like climbing, scratching, foraging, and hunting. When you let a cat do all this, you satisfy their basic instincts and boost their love for you. If your cat is okay with physical touch, you can put them near their chin, cheeks, and ears. Stay away from the areas they do not like. 

Be regular with their schedule.

Cats love following a schedule. If you can do this simple task, you will be their favorite person on the planet. Ensure you give them food at regular times every day. Take them out and have a play session at the same time. Consistency matters!

Notice the scent.

Cats can smell incredibly well. So, if they are not liking a particular smell in your home or on your person, like maybe perfume or something, ensure you keep it away to increase your chances of bonding with them.

Why does my cat like someone else?

They give them space.

Everyone loves their personal space, and your cat is no different. So, it is natural that they will gravitate towards a person who gives them space instead of pursuing them. Naturally, the cat will refuse to like the person who is pursuing it, so stop trying to cuddle your cat too much.

Their energy is good.

If a person is calmer and has a centered presence, the cat will gravitate towards him or her. It is because the cat makes them feel safer instead of giving off stressful or negative vibes. 

They do all the favorite things of the cat.

Cats love to eat (enjoy their treats), sit in front of the TV, or simply relax on the sofa. If a person does all these things with the cat, they will enjoy being in their company.

They might like their smell.

Cats have an overly sensitive smell. So, if they like a person, they might smell nice. If you are not close to your cat, try looking at the perfume or other things you are using to ensure none of the smells overwhelm the cat.  

In Conclusion

Understandably, you want to be your cat’s favorite person. But it cannot happen overnight. You have to be patient and give the relationship time to nurture itself. Keep taking the necessary steps, and you will become your cat’s favorite person. 

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