Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained

Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained

 Most cats possess a natural litheness that triggers their playing abilities and makes them hyperactive. Exposing them to certain activities will keep them entertained and also enhance mobility. Since indoor cats tend to gain weight easily, these activities and games will ensure that they move around the house and get enough exercise. You cannot simply assume that your cat is happy and can keep themselves entertained. They expect you to keep them engaged and pamper them. 

Here are some effective ways to keep your cat entertained. 

Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained


We all know that cats love boxes; as soon as they see one, they will climb inside and sit for hours. By creating a cardboard box castle or hurdles, your cat will enjoy playing hide and seek or sled over the box surfaces. It is one of the easiest ways to grab your cat’s attention and hardly needs you to spend any money. You can either create your own design or take help from online DIY projects. Apart from cardboard boxes, cats also love playing with paper bags. Just give a few paper bags to your kitty and watch them tear holes into them with enthusiasm. 


Cats love puzzles and can spend hours trying to ‘solve’ them. Prepare food puzzles on spheres by arranging pieces of their favorite food. They only get to eat it if they can decipher the puzzle pattern. This helps in mental stimulation and keeps your cat busy. You can also create a treasure hunt where you hide your cat’s favorite treats around the house. Objects like jingle balls, food treats, and interactive toys can be used for the same. Leave food treats in empty saucers around the house and drop a hint to encourage them to begin hunting. 


Interactive cat toys are gaining popularity among pet owners. From simple products like a ball on a thread or a bunch of feathers to fancy toys like turbo scratchers and laser squeakies, a wide range of cat toys are available for you to choose from. You can easily find such indoor cat toys online and in pet stores. Fish tanks and cat furniture are other interactive products that keep your cat’s attention and impart curiosity. Cat trees, scratching posts, swings, and scratching benches are some interactive cat furniture products. Even though it demands some investment, these toys and furniture products will keep your feline happy, curious, and active. 

Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained


You can install cat-friendly apps on your devices that can keep your cat entertained for hours. Since they are already attracted to the devices you are using during the day, it is easy to grab their attention and distract them with some cat-friendly apps. Some of them include games related to catching virtual bugs, pointing lasers, catching mice, and solving puzzles to stimulate brain activity. With these apps, you no longer have to worry about your cat sitting on your laptop when you work. If you are supposed to spend time out throughout the day and leave your cat at home, these apps will keep your cat distracted and treat anxiety. These apps also stimulate your kitty’s playful instinct and engagement. 


Not many cat owners consider training their cats and teaching them tricks. In reality, cats are smart and can learn tricks easily. However, since not many cat owners bother to teach their cats tricks, they gain weight easily. This is not only harmful to their body weight but also affects their mental health. Tricks like ‘rollover’, ‘sit’, and ‘stand’ are some common commands taught to cats. Since cats can be stubborn at times, use their favorite treats to keep them motivated and encourage them to keep learning. As mentioned, this will also help your cat stay active and get enough exercise in one training session. 


If you don’t mind pampering your cat, give pawdicures as they tend to enjoy them. However, they may not like getting their nails trimmed. Include massages in the pawdicure session to give them their dose of coddling. Giving treats while your cat is being pampered is another way to keep them entertained. If nothing works, show them videos of chipmunks and birds as it will keep them hooked. While some cats like getting a pawdicure, your pet may not necessarily like someone handling their paws. However, by keeping them entertained, you can ensure your kitty’s health and hygiene at the same time. 

Ways To Keep Your Cat Entertained

These tips will keep your cat busy, curious, and entertained. Even though cats don’t display affection, their owner’s absence can make them anxious. Moreover, they need some form of physical activity to keep them active, which can be fulfilled with these tips. 

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