The Latest Tech Trends That Will Make Traveling With Your Dog Much Easier

The Latest Tech Trends That Will Make Traveling With Your Dog Much Easier

 Traveling with your dog can be a hassle. It needs so much planning and preparation, especially to ensure the safety of your dog. Dog owners understand that leaving them behind is not much of an option either. The whole time that you are traveling, you will be worried about your dog and won’t be able to enjoy the trip. Besides, vacations are way more fun when you have your dog around. We know what it’s like to travel with a dog, and this is why we are here to make this experience much easier by offering the most helpful latest tech trends.

The Latest Tech Trends That Will Make Traveling With Your Dog Much Easier

Bubble Pet Carrier

Bubble pet carriers are ideal for puppies and small dogs. They are carrier backpacks with a transparent bubble that serves as a window for your pup. They are very practical and safe for your dog. Your bubble pet carrier will come with ventilation holes, a built-in security leash, mesh panels, and adjustable carrying handles and straps. It acts as a car seat and a portable bed for your dog. It will also allow both of you to explore new places comfortably. You won’t have to worry about losing your dog or going into a tug war with your dog on a leash. They also work great as in-cabin carriers if you plan on taking a plane. 

Paw Plunger

When traveling, most people tend to go on adventures and like to explore many activities. Whether you would like to explore the area’s most exotic beaches and relax or take an adventure in the region’s dampest forest, your dog will most likely end up needing a bath. When your dog’s paws are dirty, it can be very hard to walk back into the hotel or any other indoor places. Since cleaning your dog’s paws is no piece of cake, the paw plunger is an essential travel cleaning device. It has soft, removable bristles that will effectively remove sand, dirt, and mud from your dog’s paw. All that you need to do is fill it with water and put your dog’s paws inside. 

Portable Water Bottle

It can be very hard to ensure that your dog is getting adequate amounts of water and staying hydrated while you’re traveling. When you’re traveling to a new place, you will be spending as much time outdoors as possible. It can be hard to give your dog water when there is no specialized area or freshwater hoses for that purpose. This is when a portable water bottle for your dog comes in handy. The bottle can hold sufficient amounts of water and can be refilled easily. It has a button for dispensing water in the part of the bottle that looks like a small bowl for your dog to be able to drink from. 

The Latest Tech Trends That Will Make Traveling With Your Dog Much Easier

GPS Dog Trackers and Activity Monitors

Losing your dog in a new place is always a possibility. Your dog will not be able to navigate its way around in a foreign area, and you may not be staying long enough to find it before having to head home. This is why a GPS tracker and activity monitor are a necessary pet technology to have when traveling. This device will monitor your dog’s activities and locate them via google maps. You can set up safe zones and receive notifications when your dog is out of bounds. 

Pet Harness/Action Camera Mount

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to see the world from your dog’s eyes? A pet harness with an attachable camera allows you to do just that. If you are tired from holding your camera in one hand and your dog’s leash in another, you can hit two birds with one stone and invest in this awesome technology. Besides, if you are into filmmaking, it would create fun and unusual footage for your trip recap video. 

Smart Pet Leashes

A smart pet leash is especially beneficial when you are walking with your dog in a new area. A smart dog leash can have Bluetooth features, an emergency button that will notify trusted contacts in case something goes wrong, an ultrasound mosquito, tick, and flea repellent, a USB port to charge your phone, and a LED light ring for night visibility. There is also a place to hold treats and bags. Smart pet leashes are the ultimate dog technology and are very helpful when traveling. 

The Latest Tech Trends That Will Make Traveling With Your Dog Much Easier

Although traveling with your dog can be very fun, it is quite stressful. There are so many things that you should consider and look out for when traveling with your pet. This added stress can make it hard to enjoy your vacation. This is why we gathered some of the best technologies to make traveling with your dog easier. 

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