How to Easily Make Your Feline Friend Happy

So, you’re a cat parent! Having your furry feline friends around is one of the biggest joys, no matter if your cat is the soft cuddly kind or more of an energetic playful pet. All cats have different personalities and, as a cat parent, you’re surely aware of that, especially if you have more than one cat. They truly make us happy, but sometimes we can’t help but wonder if we’re making them happy as well? Since they’re mostly so independent we can’t always tell. So here are different ways to make sure your feline friend is happy and living its best life.

How to Easily Make Your Feline Friend Happy


No matter if your feline friend is still a playful kitten or if they’re fully grown up and a bit lazier, it’s important to set aside time to play with them. Kittens are usually a bit more energetic and they get hyped up pretty easily, unlike some adult cats that need more motivation, but there are different kinds of toys suited for all types and ages. Even though they’re domesticated animals, they’re still natural hunters who love to chase and hunt their prey. You can even make your own DIY toys from different household items your cats might love. In any case, playing will tire them out so if your feline friend gets wild and restless at night, this is a good way to calm them down.


Regulating your cat’s diet is very important. Food is fuel and, just like humans, cats also need different types of food, that are rich with different kinds of fibers and vitamins crucial for their health. Just like Lelu & Bobo recommend, thoroughly researching products for cats before getting them is incredibly important. “If we wouldn’t feed it to our cats, or eat it ourselves, we won’t recommend it.” is their motto, and we absolutely agree with their notion. Just like you wouldn’t eat anything, don’t let your cat eat garbage. You will notice your feline friend is a lot happier when you introduce them to a healthy diet full of variety. So, don’t forget, a well-fed kitty is a happy kitty!



If you’re a cat parent of a single kitty it might be a good option to consider getting another cat. Cats are social animals and they usually function well in groups and group dynamics, so if you notice your cat is feeling lonely, or if they’re craving a lot of attention, you might want to consider making space for another family member. It might take some time for your cat to get accustomed to your new kitty, or they might even get jealous but in the long run, they will be happier having a playmate around. Of course, that’s a big step, so think wisely!

How to Easily Make Your Feline Friend Happy


Let’s face it, most pets absolutely despise going to the vet. Humans are quite similar, most of us don’t like going to the doctor’s office, or the dentist. But even though your cat might be annoyed with you for the rest of the day, when you come back from the vet’s, it’s for their own good. Making sure your furry friend is doing well and feeling good is crucial for its long term happiness. Regular visits to the vet ensure that your kitty doesn’t need any other special treatment, and even if something is wrong you can put a stop to their illness early on. It’s also a smart idea to microchip your cat at the vet’s, just in case anything happens, and your cat gets lost or stolen. Trust us, your cat will be thankful and hopefully live a long and healthy life.



Even though they might not seem as such, cats are excellent communicators. You can see how they’re feeling and what they want by observing their body language. Studies show that cats mostly meow at you because they understand humans are vocal creatures, and that’s the way they want to grab your attention. Of course, every cat is different, but observing your cat’s behavior will teach you how to communicate with them, and you will develop your own “language”! Communication is key, even between cats and humans, and it will surely make both of you happy when you’re accustomed to each other’s needs.

How to Easily Make Your Feline Friend Happy

Being a cat parent can be quite hard, and sometimes understanding what your cat wants and needs can be complicated and confusing, especially if it’s your first time being a cat owner. Don’t worry though, if you implement these tips, you’ll be able to strengthen your bond and become best friends in no time. Both you and your cat will be content, and in the end, that’s all that matters.

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