Reasons Why You Might Want to Buy a Baby Monitor

As a parent, you can not avoid feeling anxious when your baby is left alone during certain times like night time. If your baby has his own room, a baby monitor can come in handy if you want to immediately attend to his needs.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Buy a Baby Monitor

Here are reasons why you might want to buy a baby monitor.


The need for a baby monitor might depend on your home’s size. You may find that hearing your baby stir in the night is not a concern if you live in a tiny house and you don’t feel like you need one at all. A  baby monitor will help you hear them at any and all times if your household is large and you have a significant distance from your baby while they sleep.

Additionally, a baby monitor will allow you to detect any issues that your child might have while you are in another room. Even if your baby doesn’t end up with any big problems, it will alleviate the stress to be able to see your child on a monitor and promote relaxation.

When your child wakes up, whether he is crying or if there is a prolonged gap in breathing patterns, monitors will warn you.


With conditions such as asthma, sleeping problems, and etc. breathing monitors may be beneficial for babies who have chronic breathing issues.

Close monitoring can be required in these instances. With this, you can just track and view their monitors along the way and respond to any intermediate needs. Also, there are now sensor pads for some audio monitors that you can place under baby sheets.

The pads detect motion, so if the baby stops moving or breathing for 20 seconds, you will be informed of a beep immediately. These could be hugely beneficial if your child has any medical problems.


While there may be some things that your baby may be doing weirdly while you are not with them in person, who would resist the adorableness during certain times? It definitely will let you capture memories of your baby. It will also captivate your heart. If you are really fond of your baby, you can take these away along with you.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Buy a Baby Monitor


Some baby monitors are already equipped with high features, and you can share them real-time with your relatives, perhaps your mother or father would like to see those baby reality time monitoring. They would like to see how adorable your baby is and would like to check on you from time to time.


Many have posted their experiences with baby monitors on different social media sites and Youtube. You will see how hilarious some of them are. You will definitely relate to their experience and build one of your own too.


In today’s world where technology runs everything, setting up a baby monitor is definitely easy.  If you decide to get one, you should take a mind of these things when setting them up. First, make sure you have a baby monitor mounted 3 feet away from the crib.

Certainly, never mount a baby monitor to your baby’s crib. Second, bear in mind that the electrical cord for the baby monitor should be 3 feet away from the crib. The next step is to conceal the power cord of a baby monitor with a cover or wind up feature. Last, you should opt for a child-proof electrical socket into a baby monitor.

It is important to note, though, that whether or not you have a baby monitor is not a substitute for your baby’s parental care and will not prevent or fix any sleep problems. It is simply a tool to help you track your baby without having to interrupt them too frequently in their room to check on them.

Baby monitors are very handy. When he is not right in front of you, you could keep a record of the baby. This is good especially in times of emergencies or for just simply watching your cute baby doing his own weird antics.

Ultimately, based on your consideration of the advantages and your perception of your circumstances and personality, deciding to have a baby monitor ought to be a personal decision.

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