What You Should Know About Numerology

 Numerology is an old craft of analyzing numbers and their influence on people’s lives. If you want to learn more about yourself, a knowledgeable numerologist can analyze your personality and a way of life with only a few numbers that you’ll provide them with.

What You Should Know About Numerology

With this short guide, we’ll give you the necessary information about numerology, traditions, and beliefs.


One of the first numerological systems was discovered by a famous Greek mathematician Pythagoras. But there is an indication of numerology being old as the ancient civilizations of India and China. Many people saw Pythagoras as an unorthodox thinker that had a unique understanding of numbers and their symbolic meaning.

He was preaching about the importance of numbers and the profound influence they can have on people’s lives.


Numerology is all about your life path as well as a place you hold in this world. Every numerologist will try to draw a map of your existence from the day you were born right until the present moment. What’s more, numerology can give you a precious insight into aspects you should work on and point out all the wonderful things you have.

When a numerologist reads your chart, it will help you understand your decisions, purpose, and all the hidden potentials. Many people consider it to be a compass that steers you through troubles.


Similar to Astrology, Numerology uses numbers to understand your decisions and how they affect your reality. Plus, it can tell your biggest strengths and weaknesses while showing who you can become.

Once you find your life path number at MattBeech.com, you’ll be able to see which steps in life were incremental for you. Whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, a different city where you live, or anything else that happened, you’ll know how it led you to where you are now. Moreover, it will make you more perceptive of the decisions you’re making today, knowing how they could influence your future.


In its essence, numerology is the science of numbers that deciphers their connection with various aspects of your life. The numbers from 1 to 9 are called “master numbers” to correspond to both positive and negative personality traits.

Since every number has its distinct attributes, their meanings correlate and provide additional information about a person. Each number is connected to a specific archetype that’s universal, and it’s usually connected to a character, symbol, planet, or theme.

The life path number is the one that follows your identity and gives you the primary characteristic of your journey through life. Once you know how to calculate it, you’ll find out more about directions you should follow as it will bring you to well-being and profound peace.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all master numbers and their primary characteristic:

  • One is a progressive, autonomous leader and someone prone to stubbornness or selfishness.
  • Two relate to loving persons that want peace. They are intuitive and sensitive but often discontent.
  • Three is associated with inspiring, talented, optimistic souls prone to hypocrisy and impatience.
  • Four is reliable and hard-working, seen as trustworthy, but sometimes prone to lack of imagination or empathy problems.
  • Five relates to adventurers, curious people with a lot of courage to go through life.
  • Six is compassionate, prone to anxiety, jealousy, and very protective.
  • Seven identifies with knowledgeable people that are very spiritual and refined but prone to melancholy and sarcasm.
  • Eight is an immensely powerful, balanced, and authoritative person. They’re successful, though sometimes they can be cruel and greedy.
  • Nine refers to helpful and generous people, sophisticated, arrogant, and prone to self-pity.

What You Should Know About Numerology


Every number holds intense energy that’s connected to the day of your birth. Every number reveals something about you and shows patterns that otherwise you wouldn’t see otherwise.

Of course, you can understand the basic concepts, but if you seek professional advice, you should talk to someone who has more experience analyzing all your important numbers.


The perfect integration of Astrology and Numerology is the unique study that combines the properties of both approaches to analyzing life paths. At the heart of astrology, there’s an idea that numbers and numerical relations lie in everything that surrounds us.


Everyone has all the answers hidden in them, and numerology gives us the tools to find them. Numbers are merely there to help us navigate the hardships of everyday life. They can enable us to see the bigger picture only to know the right way to live.

Believing in numerology doesn’t mean anything obscure, but merely using a tool that will serve as a compass through hardships of your professional, personal, or family life. 

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