Magic Cabin: Rubens Barn® Baby Dolls Collection Review

Christmas is coming and there are so many things that I want this Christmas, but Magic Cabin has already sent me one of them. Whoever said Santa doesn’t deliver early lied! Magic Cabin sent me one of their Rubens Barn® Baby Dolls. 

Now these dolls aren’t just any ordinary doll, no, no, no! These dolls are special but I’ll explain that in a minute. As you can see from the above picture these come in many different shades and gender as well. Yes there’s boy and girl dolls. When Magic Cabin asked me which one I wanted for Christmas I decided to choose Molly. After all my name is Madison so I thought Molly and Madison sounded great and I still do! Don’t you think so too?

Now my doll was designed in Sweden by Rubens Barn and is 17 1/2″ tall. Just the right size for me. She comes with a weighted bottom so she sits up pretty nicely as you can see in my photo. My Molly came fully clothed in her diaper, bib and shirt. After all she’s still a baby just like me. I sometimes dress like Molly. Her clothes are also totally removable so if you want to get her other clothing then you can totally do that.

She has the softest hair that I’ve ever felt on a baby and has a little bow in it as well. She’s also made of 100% polyester and has these cute little sparkly eyes that are sewn on. She also has rosy cheeks that looks as though she’s blushing. If you want a doll whose eyes can close then the Rubens Barn® Baby Dolls are not for you. I don’t care about that detail so she works out perfect for me. She is also totally machine washable. Not many dolls can say that which is a plus for both mommy and me. I am a toddler which means that I’m messy. If I’m messy then my dolls get messy. Being able to wash her clean is pretty awesome!

Now my doll is also anatomically correct. What does that mean? It means that my doll has all the same body parts that I do. My brothers thought it was funny when mommy took her clothes off to teach me my body parts and started giggling. Boys are weird!

Molly is anatomically correct! Perfect for teaching body parts.

Mommy says that Molly is more than a doll. She’s an actual learning tool. Mommy thinks that every toy should be able to teach something and this one fits the bill to a tee. Its perfect to teach your little one the parts that should not be touched by anyone. Mommy also believes in naming body parts by their correct names. The boy dolls are also anatomically correct so perfect for your little boys as well.

Here I am about to give my Molly a hug! 

My Magic Cabin: Rubens Barn® Baby Doll gets my Two Tiny Thumbs Up! I just love my Molly!

Now Magic Cabin doesn’t just have dolls. You can find quite a lot of products for your little ones. There are toys and games including ride-ons, arts and crafts, dolls and there’s even a section that goes beyond toys. Whatever you’re looking for you may be sure to find at Magic Cabin.

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