Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Grinder

If you have been enjoying coffee for many years and want to get more from your cup, a grinder may be the perfect addition to your kitchen. A coffee grinder produces a far superior taste than a pre-ground cup of coffee – improving your morning routine immensely. A grinder that will be used regularly will reward you with incredible aromas and start your day off with much more gusto than usual! So, if this sounds up your alley, read along for some considerations when buying a coffee grinder.

Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Grinder

Firstly, it should be mentioned that buying a coffee grinder is similar to buying any other appliance. It must be considered an investment, as it will cost you. Though you may find a blade grinder for cheap, we believe that great coffee deserves high-quality grinding. This is why many coffee connoisseurs would not recommend buying a blade grinder, but to take a superior step up with a burr grinder.


The better durability of the burr grinder provides a more uniform, smoother consistency to your coffee grounds. With a blade grinder, the beans are ground with varying consistency – some more course and others finer. The aim of a good coffee grinder is to be able to perfect your preferred consistency, and this cannot be done with a blade.

With more thorough grinding also comes full extraction of flavor. If you are one to spend more money on high-quality coffee beans, it would be a real waste of your money to grind them poorly. A burr grinder will definitely improve your coffee experience, but this will also depend on the quality your budget allows.


There are innumerable coffee grinder options on the shelves today, some of which are excellent, and others that may leave you questioning the value of your purchase… The saying goes that “quality costs money”, and buying a coffee grinder is no different. If you have $100 to invest in a machine that will last up to 10 years, you are on the market to buy a burr grinder!

Though some grinders can exceed $500, there are great quality burr grinders that may cost as little as $60. The choice on how much you’re willing to spend is really up to you, but if your budget is tighter, it’s worth doing thorough research. Looking through some fantastic review pages, such as the Cuisinart Supreme DBM 8 coffee grinder review, you will find extensive details that are likely to answer many of the questions you have around the exact quality of the product.

Will you be using your grinder at home to start your morning with your family or drinking coffee at work and sharing with colleagues? Consider carefully how many people will be using the grinder over time, as this will impact the size that will be suitable for you.

Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Grinder


A short word must be included around grinding your coffee too fast. There are some grinders that operate at speeds resulting in excess heat. When your grinder is too hot, you risk burning your coffee grounds and compromising its aroma. Therefore, consider prioritizing grinders that use lower speeds. Your coffee will still take less than a minute, so low doesn’t mean slow!


According to experts, the final superior taste of your coffee depends on a few things, but none as important as the way in which your beans are ground! If your coffee is ground smoothly and is done as close to your brewing session as possible, this gives your coffee the best chance of being every cent worth your money.

Coffee shops offering you complimentary grinding are, in fact, doing a major disservice to the quality of the final product. Grind your beans right before you are ready to brew, allowing for ultimate freshness and flavor. Remember to also give sufficient time for your coffee to brew, as this impacts the taste.


In terms of keeping your grinder clean, remember that you can regularly wipe it down, but that it will need a deeper cleaning session every few months. This will prevent the burrs from becoming clogged. Find out how easily your specific model can be cleaned, as each grinder will vary in its ease.

Things to Consider When Buying a Coffee Grinder

Take your time in making your grinder purchase, considering above mentioned points, doing online research, and chatting to friends about what they use! Brew your morning cup fresh and enjoy the new experience that comes with grinding beans just the way you like it!

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