Step by Step Guide Every Fishkeeper Should Follow

Are you a newbie in the fishkeeping business? There are tips that both you as a newbie and even the seasoned fishkeepers need to know.  This step-by-step guide will keep you informed on everything you need to know about fishkeeping.

Step by Step Guide Every Aquarium Fishkeeper Should Follow


Fishkeeping can be a good hobby for you if you are persevering. Remember to keep fish properly, you need to build complex ecosystems that will harness the bacteria to help you with recycling waste. It is quite a difficult and lengthy procedure which can at times frustrate you but with some endurance, you can have what you want. If it’s about setting up a fish tank, you need some weeks as you have to wait for the tank to dry and mature.

The stocking levels at the start of the cycle should also be low, and you need to wait a little longer to have the amount of stock you desire. Additionally, you can have the water test reveal that your tank is not safe for fish yet, and you might have to wait longer. In case you experience this, fishkeeping enthusiasts at Aquaticly advise that you consult an expert to help you know how long you should wait. These experts can also advise you on the right type of fish to stock at your fish tank for you to have the most desirable results. You also need advice on how to build your aquarium appropriately to ensure you don’t have trouble with your water quality.


This is the hook in your new venture. Putting too many fish in your aquarium very soon can lead to all of them dying leaving you with regrets. There is the new tank syndrome which can affect your fish before they adjust to the new tank. Ensure you get the ideal bacterial colony in your filters before you stock your aquarium so that the waste is fully consumed before you add the fish.

You can also do the fishless cycling by adding some maturation agents to your tank. This will introduce live bacteria and the food these bacteria need to make the water safe for your fish. With this strategy you can be sure once you introduce your fish, the bacteria will rapidly grow to cope with the waste being generated. However, adding too many fish at the start can be disastrous as the bacteria might not multiply immediately to meet the waste production demand. High nitrates and ammonia will therefore be available in the water and this can lead to fish poisoning.

Step by Step Guide Every Aquarium Fishkeeper Should Follow


If your fish tank is new, it is advisable that you take some time and watch your water quality. You can therefore feed your fish once a day. As time goes by, and you have your first full quota of fish or your fish tank has been efficient for at least three months, then you can gradually increase the feeding times to get to the standard three times per day feeding recommended by fish experts. All the same, feed your fish with reasonable amounts of food and do it often. You can seek guidance from the fish experts on the exact measure of food you should give your fish per every feed. The manufacturer’s manual on the feed you have can also help you accurately measure the required amount of food for your fish.


You’d rather have more than one aquarium than overstock a single aquarium. The ecosystem within which your fish live is competitive and can only sustain a certain number of fish at one particular time. When you overstock your aquarium, your fish can lack oxygen, you increase the chances of them falling sick and there will also be inadequate filtration which when not resolved on time can lead to the death of your fish. Certain types of fish like the cichlids and some territorial fish can become aggressive when in an overstocked aquarium. They will suffer stunted growth, and you will not like the outcome. It is paramount that you constantly maintain your fish tank.

Step by Step Guide Every Aquarium Fishkeeper Should Follow

Fishkeepers must be persevering for them to finally enjoy their own fish. It is however important that you get the right fish tank, from a good retailer who can give you the most crucial advice on setting up your tank and the stocking process. It would also help if you join a fish club as you will exchange notes with fellow fishkeepers. Start your fishkeeping journey with an easy to keep type of fish and keep your tank maintained. Reasonable numbers of fish will do you good.  You should also choose and stock your tank with healthy fish as it can give you a good start. Be careful on feeding and consult experts anytime you are unsure. Invest in a quality fishkeeping kit especially if you intend to do fishkeeping for a long time. If you handle your fish as a pet then you will accord them the right treatment.

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