How to Select the Best Dog Breed for a Family Pet

While the results for 2021 aren’t out yet, it’s safe to say that the Labrador retriever is in the lead to become America’s most popular dog breed once again this year. 

This breed has dominated American Kennel Union registrations since 1971, due to its easygoing, versatile nature. It’s a great family pet, but it’s also one of the larger breeds around, so not ideal for everyone.

If you’re looking for the best dog breed for your circumstances, here’s how to figure it all out. 

how to select best dog breed for family

Best Dog Breed Temperaments

Some breeds are naturally highly strung, energetic, or friendly. A good dog trainer can help you with some potential problems related to this, but there’s little they can do to change a dog’s personality.

For instance, huskies are gorgeous dogs and excellent for a life of hard work on the tundra, but they’re wholly unsuited to family life. It’s difficult to train these energetic, stubborn dogs, and family life soon bores them.

Chihuahuas are temperamental and snappy when it comes to children and large dogs like rottweilers might accidentally hurt a child in play. 

If you have a home with small children, you need a dog with a rock steady, calm temperament that can handle the boisterous nature of children as well as curious pokes and prods.

Some of these laid-back types of dogs include the beloved Labrador retriever, French poodle, Irish setter, and the bull terrier. 

Size and Energy Levels of the Dog

Your housing situation plays a huge role in the type of dog you can house safely and comfortably. A small apartment is no place for a large or small energetic dog, no matter how many times a day you intend to take it for walks.

Unless you have a fenced yard, don’t even think about getting a border collie, pointer, or Labrador retriever. Some smaller dogs, like chihuahuas and Yorkshire terriers, are too energetic and noisy for apartment life. 

Look for a dog that’s low energy, quiet, and calm if you want an apartment dwelling companion. Some good candidates are bulldogs, Boston terriers, and Welsh corgis. 

If you live in a very small apartment, even the laziest large dog could pose a problem. The last thing you want is a bulky dog taking up all the floor space in your living room. 

Rescue Dogs

Mixed breed dogs often make some of the best companions around. They’re tough, affectionate, and loyal to a fault. 

However, if you’re looking for a family pet, it’s unwise to adopt a dog with a history of abuse.  These dogs require special handling and rehabilitation, and a noisy family is no place for them.

Unless the shelter can vouch for the nature of the dog you’re adopting, it’s best to steer clear of these dogs if you have small children. 

Make The Best Choices for Your Family

As a parent, you’re faced with so many decisions every day, fortunately choosing the best dog breed for your family needn’t be one of the more difficult ones.

When in doubt speak to your veterinarian, local dog club, or a dog trainer for guidance on the subject. 

You can browse our blog for ideas to help you answer the rest of life’s little questions. 

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