Top Bucket List Ideas That May Be On Your Cat’s Bucket List

As you all know I’m a big animal lover. I have both cats, dogs and even a fish. I’ve always enjoyed having an animal or two around because they do bring joy to your life, as much as kids do. Today I have a guest poster, Cecilia who will be taking over and sharing a few bucket list ideas that your cats may have. Bucket lists are a great way to see the world and do thing you’ve always wanted to do before you pass on to the next life. While such a good idea, bucket lists aren’t just for humans, ailing cats can enjoy the luxury of a bucket list as well. For those who want to give their cat a send-off to remember, here are the top bucket list ideas that may be on your cat’s bucket list that you can recreate.

Find Out Finally Where The Red Dot Comes From

The red dot has been an allusive way of distracting your feline friend but they never manage to catch it or find out where it comes from. One of the top things on your cat’s bucket list you can bet would be to finally catch and find out the origins of the red dot. Do help ease their pain of the red dot, show them the device that creates the red dot, although they may get distracted easily by the dot, they will have clarity in their life.

Become A DJ For A Day

Becoming a DJ should be something you add to your cat’s bucket list. The swirling of the records with the beat, your cat will be mesmerized and will fulfill their wish of becoming the greatest DJ of all. You don’t have to go in front of a huge crowd for this one. Simply get an old record machine and a record you don’t mind destroying, and spin that table.

Go To Work With Their Human

You leave them every day to go to work, but have you ever thought that they may want to experience your day? If possible why not take your cat to work with you before they pass on. Not only do they get to see a new place, but they have also finally figured out where you go all day.

Travel The World

Traveling the world and making the world their territory is something all cats dream of. If you can’t take your cat traveling around the world, why not take them to the nearest park. Getting your pet out in the sunshine and letting them see some new sites is a great way to finish off their bucket list before they pass on.

Become The Ruler Of The House

While they may think they rule the house, you know better. So why not make their dreams a reality by actually making them the ruler of the house for the day. Whatever they want you do. If they want food on demand, you cook up a lovely meal. If they want cuddles all day, get those cuddles ready. Your cat will adore this time with you and will love taking over the house for the day, for real this time.


When it comes to a cat bucket list, the possibilities are endless. You don’t have to just have these options; you can make up your own as you go along. Either way, your cat will love spending the extra time with you, and the best part is they get the send-off of their dreams.

Are you creating a bucket list for your cat?

Born in Mexico, a country of vivid beauty and colorful people, Cecilia Casillas brings the passion of her country of birth into her current artistic work with pets. Cecilia has painted since childhood, and studied with Mexican painter Paul Achar and Chilean painter Carlos Arias. In 2014, she came to Melbourne to continue refining her artistic skills, and finishing her bachelor’s degree. Founding Colour Pet Studio in 2014 has allowed her to share her pet painting skills with people from all over the world. She now brings pet owners joy through her painting.

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