Traveling With a Cat: What to Take With You

Not many people choose to travel with their cats. Well, we think it’s a shame. Why stay separated from your furry goofballs when you can always take them with you almost everywhere you go. Traveling with your cat is not just possible. It is easy as well! You just need to spend some time on preparations. Get everything you need, pick up your cat, and go on to face adventures together! Here are the basic rules of traveling with your cat. 

The rules to bringing your cat outdoors

Regardless of whether you plan to spend a few days in the wilderness, on a car trip, or fly to another country, you can always take your cat with you. However, such a trip requires some solid preparation. 

First and foremost, you need to make sure your cat has all the vaccines it needs to stay outdoors for a prolonged period of time. An indoor cat may have a weaker immune system which makes them vulnerable in the outside world. You should consult your vet in regards to the trip you are planning and where you want to go. They will know what vaccines and medication to-go you may need. Beyond that, don’t forget to take a cat spray that offers flea, ticks, and mosquito protection. When you’re done with health safety, move on to physical safety. 

Your main goal here is to make sure you return home just as you left it, meaning you should ensure you return together. Hence, you need to think of ways to keep your cat close to you and away from trouble. Now, some people don’t need to do a thing since their cats never leave their sight, even for a minute. Though, most likely, you need to have some safety measures in place. For one, you can find a very long leash and a cat collar for keeping your cat in a restricted radius. Your other option is to carry your cat in their carrier most of the time.

Traveling by flight

Flying with your cat can be somewhat stressful for both you and your pet. However, don’t be discouraged! As long as you know what to do, you’ll be just fine. A little research beforehand, proper preparations, and calm nerves can make the flight with your cat no worse, if not better, than any other flight. 


Now, there is a big difference between domestic and international flights. The rules and requirements for domestic flights with your pet are usually regulated by the airlines and the state. So you just need to learn the rules for traveling with pets in your state and inform the airline that you plan to fly with a pet. 

International flights can be a bit more complicated. First, your cat needs a passport, which shows that all of its vaccines are there. It’s always better to check the requirements of your destination country in regards to the vaccines. You can also get a consultation with the vet at the airport. 

The flight

These days most airlines allow their passengers to have a pet on board. Of course, a pet has to meet certain requirements, such as being of a certain size and weight. Most companies come up with their regulations towards having pets on board, so you better learn each of them individually. Most likely, though, you will have to keep your cat in a carrier during the entire flight, so you better make it comfortable. Put inside a potty pad, a toy they like, a blanket, etc. Your goal here is to make it as inviting as possible. 

Keep in mind that most airlines don’t allow more than a few pets on board. You should always call the airline before you book a ticket and reserve a place for your cat. In case there are no pet reservations left, your cat will travel with the luggage. Many people are afraid to leave their pets there, though we assure you it is completely safe. The main issue here is that your cat may feel more stressed without your presence. 

However, you can make their stay more comfortable by putting their favorite things in the carrier, along with some food and water. You can check out these soulistic cat food reviews to see what food can be the most appropriate on the road. Your goal is to keep your cat hydrated, calm, and happy. Good food choices can easily fulfill this goal. 

The bottom line

As you can see, traveling with your cat is very much possible. All you need is a little bit of preparation and some instructions. Of course, your cat may have any reaction to the whole travel experience. Some animals love it. Others get scared or even hate it. However, you won’t know how your cat will react until you do it. Just be patient and ready for anything. Try to stay calm. If your cat senses that you are stressed, it will get nervous as well. 

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