6 Excellent Tips That Will Keep Your Pet Horse Strong and Healthy

Tips That Will Keep Your Pet Horse Strong and Healthy

 Owning a horse is fun. They are beautiful and intelligent creatures. These extraordinary creatures’ love is often revealed through the noticeable bonding between the horse and its owner. Many horse owners dedicate plenty of their time and resources to taking care of these magnificent creatures. They need a lot of maintenance. Lack of proper care often leads to numerous health complications. To keep your lovely pet strong and healthy, it’s recommended for you to follow the important tips I will continue to share in this article. 

Tips That Will Keep Your Pet Horse Strong and Healthy


Like human beings, horses do as well require regular exercising. If you own one or plan to acquire one, you should put exercising on your to-do list. Many people are always asking why a horse requires regular exercising while it spends most of its time standing. The truth is that walking and standing isn’t enough for them. It would help if you allowed your horse to gallop or run around for some time. Doing so is an excellent form of exercise as it helps them strengthen their muscle mass, which is crucial. 


Feeding your horse with a proper diet is critical. You should give it a mixture of alfalfa and hay daily is essential as it boosts its strength and immune system. Specialists from Forage Plus also insist that you should include biotin in the pet’s diet as well. Biotin is a Sulphur containing B vitamin and is recommended for healthy hoof growth. It helps boost the strength and quality of the pet’s hoof and hoof walls. 

Tips That Will Keep Your Pet Horse Strong and Healthy


Water is life. Ensuring that your horse has access to clean water at all times is non-negotiable. It’s an undertaking that shouldn’t slip from your mind. Water is essential to the proper functioning of the animal. It helps much with digestion after a day of eating around. Besides, you don’t want to have your horse dehydrated. Availing water gallons ensures that your horse stays hydrated. With this, it’s easier to keep up with even the humid and summer seasons. It’s recommended that you not only provide water but also ensure that the water is pure. According to animal specialists, you should form a habit of changing the water bowls after every six to eight hours. The process may seem tiring but is worth it as it helps save the animal from tons and tons of health problems.  


Ever been to a recreational facility and came across a beautifully-looking horse? Well, that doesn’t come easily. It calls for much care and grooming at the same time. Therefore, if you own one, you shouldn’t overlook the grooming part. You don’t have to make this a daily activity. However, it should be a regular task. The grooming should include combing the fur and tail. Also, don’t forget to bathe them once in a while. Their teeth should also be kept clean. For this, you can invest in various grooming essentials to help make the process easy. 

Tips That Will Keep Your Pet Horse Strong and Healthy


One thing that scares many people from owning a horse is the need for regular vet visits. Yes, horses need to be taken to the vet now and then. However, this shouldn’t turn you off as the regular visits aren’t much expensive compared to treating the disease itself. With the regular visits, the chances are that you are likely to detect your pet’s health complication before it becomes critical. As a result, you can easily take care of the problem without complicating the pet’s life. How often should you take your horse to the vet? Well, it’s advisable to make this a monthly habit as this can save you big time. The visits should be considered regardless of whether the horse is in great shape or not. 


Yes, I said that right. Horses are prone to stress, just like human beings. They are known to be watchful creatures, and some are downright nervous. According to vets, exposing your horse to too much stress can lead to complications such as diarrhea, depression, ulcers, bad behavior, or even a compromised immune system. Although it’s impossible to keep your horse completely out of stress, it’s recommended that you keep it at a minimum. 

So, how should you keep your pet happy and relaxed? Here are pointers to help keep your horse happy and relaxed; 

  • Don’t keep your horse without a companion
  • Be patient when training or riding your horse or hire a professional when necessary
  • Prepare the horse for new experiences by slowly introducing them to her
  • Try to view the horse from its perspective

Tips That Will Keep Your Pet Horse Strong and Healthy

Having a horse as a pet asks for much dedication and time to ensure that its health is maintained. Listed in this piece are some of the proven ways you can borrow to maintain a healthy and strong pet. Some of the tips require an investment, but they are worthy. 

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