6 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Window Blinds

6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Window Blind

 An average lifespan of a regular blind is 7-8 years, while wooden or aluminum blinds can last for over a decade. Regardless if you are renovating your house or just making small decorative adjustments, your current blinds might not fit in anymore. Other than complimenting the overall design of the interior of your home, they provide your windows with privacy and protection from the sun’s glare. Surely, it might not be the first thing to come to your mind when thinking of renovation, therefore here are six key signs to remind you it’s time to replace your window treatment.

6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Window Blind


Deformed and misshapen slats can be a sign of heat or humidity damage. Whatever the cause is, the results will be the same – it will prevent your blinds from raising and lowering them correctly, and the wavy slats will stick out. If just a slat or two is warped and bent, you might be able to fix it, but if they’re all a bit out of whack, it’s better to replace the whole set. If you live in an area of extreme climate, it is best to avoid faux wood blinds altogether, as they can warp under these conditions. 


If you think window treatments can’t go out of style, think again. Modern furniture and other interior updates will have to include changing old window treatments that only keep making your home look dated. There is a wide range of Roman blinds on the market today, both in modern and classic design. You can choose the materials and style you desire to best accompany your new interior design. Do yourself a favor, and with next interior decorating, swap out your old blinds for a safe and stylish upgrade. With so many options today, finding a modern window treatment that will look great in your space has never been easier.


All blinds are susceptible to discoloration or fading since they are regularly being exposed to the sunlight. However, if your blinds have yellowed or discolored dramatically, the issue might be more severe than just an interior decoration emergency.  The severe discoloration is a sign of material degeneration, meaning the structural integrity of your blinds is at high risk. Thus you may want to consider changing your blinds before they fall apart entirely and look for a material with UV inhibitors for a longer-lasting solution. 

6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Window Blind


If your slats don’t close as tightly as they used to, or the slats barely move when you twist, your mechanism’s lifespan has probably come to an end.  This piece can be difficult to replace without recording your whole blind, and if you find yourself trying to handle this issue, remember it is better to replace the entire unit. Modern blinds found on the market today have more durable mechanisms that work in different ways, so before you buy the next set of window blinds, do more detailed research on which are the most suitable for your home. 


If you’re using significant force when you try to raise your blinds, chances are high you are better off removing them off the wall completely. The lifting mechanisms of your blinds are probably damaged. Blinds that are difficult to operate can be more of a threat than just an annoying inconvenience. Exposed or cut cords are a strangulation hazard. Frayed cords either mean that your blinds are old enough or that the internal mechanisms are causing damage to the cord. If you have curious children or pets in your home, consider replacing your window treatments, perhaps with cordless versions. This ensures having much fewer complications from the start.


Your blinds may be in great shape and working correctly, but they’re not serving exactly how they should. Have you ever noticed a glare on the TV even when they’re closed? Ask yourself if they provide the sun protection and give you the privacy you need, and how they contribute to the temperature changes. If you’re looking for more privacy, consider shades in addition to blinds. If you want to cut your energy costs, cellular blinds will provide the best insulation possible for all seasons. Regardless of the reason, it might be a good time to upgrade a window treatment to better fit your needs.

6 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Window Blind

Whatever the reason you find among these, it will be enough to stop avoiding the update of your blinds. It isn’t something that first comes to our mind when thinking about home renovation. But going through all the above mentioned, it is clear that changing your window blinds is not something you should leave behind.

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