Ways to Bond With Your Kids This Christmas

Sometimes when the Christmas season rolls around things can tend to get very busy and if you’re not careful the kids can actually get pushed to the sidelines. Christmas is all about family and these awesome ways to bond with the kids this Christmas will give you a good start for some awesome bonding time with your little ones!

Ways to Bond With Your Kids This Christmas

Here are 9 Ways to Bond with the Kids this Christmas 

Volunteer Together – Volunteering can be an excellent way to bond with your kids this Christmas and it will also teach them a little about helping others. You will want to keep your eyes peeled a few months before the holiday season begins for areas that may need a little help. Try looking on your local community center, library and churches. Even if you are not members of an organization they will appreciate a little helping hand. Food banks and homeless shelters are another great place to donate some time. Your children will see how some are a little less fortunate than they are and they will go home actually feeling good about their selves for helping out. It can really create a great bond with your children.

Enjoy Seasonal Events – There are many seasonal events that you will find in your area if you just turn to the internet and take a gander! Try searching for festivals and events in your area and see what you can come up with. Finding a live nativity scene can really play a big part in explaining the real meaning of Christmas or if your more into the Santa thing there are plenty of places you can go visit and spend time with Santa.

Decorate Together – Often times decorating the home can fall on mom and dads shoulders and we just don’t think our kids want to do all that work. In reality your children would probably LOVE helping mom and dad get the house ready for Christmas. Dad can always use a little helper holding the ladder while he hangs the beautiful Christmas lights and the living room could probably use some beautiful artwork that you kids can make with a little paint and construction paper. You can get really festive and spray paint some cheap photo frames gold, red and silver and hang up that beautiful artwork like it is the best picture ever. Your budding artist will be proud each and every time they walk into the room. Stringing popcorn and cranberries to hang on the tree is another great way to bond with kids this Christmas!

Watch Christmas Movies – Everyone loves watching Christmas movies and what better way to bond with the kids this Christmas than by curling up under a warm blanket with a big bowl of popcorn! Here is a list of classics to get your started…….

  • Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • Miracle on 34th St
  • A Christmas Story
  • Scrooged
  • A Christmas Wish
  • The Nutcracker

Cook Together – There is always tons of holiday baking that goes on in our house. Making Christmas candy and cookies can be a great way to bond with kids and they are always right there wanting to help! Instead of making so many candies that you get behind and you end up screaming at them to get out of your way you might want to pick just a few to make and enlist their help. Even toddlers will be able to assist even if it’s just in little ways. Try putting little candies in a shaker and have them shake them over the cookies.

Go on a Christmas Light Adventure – Every year we have a fantastic time loading up in the car in our pajamas and a thermos full of hot coco and driving through the neighborhoods to see the spectacular display of Christmas lights. Every display big and small is great to look at and if you take a notebook with you the kids can keep track of which ones are their favorites! You can tally up the votes when you get home and decide who has the best display in town.

Visit Norad and Track Santa – Starting on Dec. 1st you can visit Norad Santa Tracker to see what Santa and his elves are up to! There are plenty of things for you to check out on the site but the best part starts on Christmas Eve. You can actually track Santa on your computer and watch little video clips of him visiting homes all over the world!! It can actually get a little educational in a way and it’s a great way to get the kids in bed when he starts getting close.

Sing Christmas Carols – Singing Christmas Carols can be a fun family activity this year! Do some practicing with your family and invite a few friends over for a little old fashioned caroling session. You can even bundle up and head out door to door to spread some Christmas cheer.

Have a Picnic by the Tree – This may sound a little odd but it can really be a lot of fun. Grab a big comfy furry blanket and spread it out next to the tree. Turn all the lights off except the Christmas tree and have yourself a picnic dinner. This can be a great time to write letters to Santa or go through some Christmas catalogs. Make sure you take a few minutes and tell some fabulous Christmas stories or if your not a very good story teller just grab some Christmas books and read together.

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