Marshmallow Snowmen

Winter isn’t officially here as yet but in some places there have been lots of snow. While we ourselves have had a lot of snow, unfortunately for us there wasn’t enough for us to actually go outside and build a snowman. We did have enough to start a snow fight which we all enjoyed. While we missed out on building our snowman, which is something the kids and I as a mom really enjoy doing we did have a few other options. So what’s a mom to do when the kids want to build a snowman and there’s not enough snow? Well we improvise and do the next best thing. We make marshmallow snowmen! Not only are they fun and easy to make but they are super delicious too. The next time your kids have a snow day with not enough snow, how about making these super delicious marshmallow snowmen.

Here is what you’ll need:

Marshmallow Snowman Supplies:

Marshmallows (medium sized)

Pretzel sticks

Oreo cookies

Orange gum drop or Starburst Candy cut into small triangle

Toothpicks (or use royal icing as a ‘glue’)

Wilton Red Gel

Wilton Black Sparkle Gel


Place two marshmallows on a toothpick (or if making with kids you could stick them together with royal icing)

Use royal icing or the end of a toothpick to attach nose.

With Wilton Black Sparkle Gel put on dots for eyes and mouth

Using Wilton Red Gel put on three dots for buttons on bottom marshmallow

Break pretzel sticks to desired length and insert into bottom marshmallow for arms.

Use royal icing of the end of the toothpick to attach cookie base for stability

For hat take one side of the cookie off of an oreo.  Place on top of the marshmallow head.  Cut a marshmallow in half and place on top (stick with royal icing or sparkle gel icing) to create a hat.

(optional) you can also add licorice to create a scarf.

So the next time you’re stuck indoors and the kids want to build a snowman, how about making these marshmallow snowmen? They will enjoy making and eating them as much as you do. I guarantee it!

What fun snacks do you make on a cold and wintery day? 

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